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Platinum resistant low grade reccurent Ovarian cancer

Hello My mom has Platinum resistant low grade recurrent Ovarian cancer and has taken gemcitabine, Caelyx, and taxol. She unfortunately was allergic to carbonation and her oncologist stopped her from taking the full dosage. She was diagnosed at stage 3c and now  5 years later she has grown in her pericardium, bowel and some starting in her liver and near her spine roots. She is now taking abraxane which unfortunately will make her lose her hair for the first time. She has nodes near her ureters which cause obstruction from her kidneys from draining which made her have to put in nephrostomy tubes on both sides one is internalized in her bladder while the new one is out to a bag and draining the kidney. I'm here asking if anyone has taken abraxane and it has worked for them? she only has one dose so far but she cannot sleep can you please recommend something natural or drug that can help her sleep. Also she has some numbness on her fingers , does that go away?

I am currently giving her avamar fermented wheatgrass, immpower and 5000ui of D3 and 1.5g of CBD oil every day. She also consumes a shake which consists of soursap, noni juice , ginger, tumeric, pomegranate, blueberrys, blueberry juice, other frozen fruits, jogi berries, acai, apricot kernels, wheat protein, cranberries, fat free yogurt, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, chai seed, and hemp seeds.  

Is there any other recommendations anyone can give me to give to her please that would be amazing

Ian __
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I am the only one on this forum. I would look up the Ovarian Cancer Alliance. My email is down so I hope I am right in the name.  They call the website Team inspire. When you ask a question ask for members only to answer.they have many women to answer questions. I am not familiar with Abraxane. This is a nasty cancer. It goes all over for most women. It is like buckshot. It spreads with microscopic tumors that can not be detected at first. Each woman responds to medication differently.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4, 4 years ago. I am BRCA 1 positive, platinum resistant and have Clear Cell. I did 3 1/2 of chemo until it stopped working so I stopped chemo. I am riding horses and doing the things I want to do. I never had a remission. I had it in 14 places. I did Doxil for a year and a lot of the cancer went away. It did come back in the end. Each of us is different. I have heard of women with Stage 4 living for years. Even the doctors can't say for sure. I was told 2 months ago I have less than 6 months. I rode in a 1943 open cockpit plane this week end. I swim. walk dogs, ride a horse. Other days I am tired.

I do not do alternative medicine but that is just me. I wish the best for your mother.

Growing in the places it is growing is normal. Mine is in all my lymph nodes, spleen, liver, pericardium, and my bowel. It scared me when I first found out where it was. The way they told me to think about it is like pop corn. It goes in all directions.

There are many alternative complimentary treatments. There is no harm in them. Many women a platinum resistant. Sorry about the hair. That is hard. I shaved my head because I did not want to watch it come out. Sorry about the kidney's that is rough. On the Ovarian Cancer Alliance there are women who have lived for 12 years or more.

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