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Please help I can't stop stressing..

I recently had an ultrasound and I was able to get a copy if the report that was given to my doctor. The report read as follows:


measures 7 cm.

Endometrial stripe : 18 mm

No gross abnormality.

Right ovary: measures 6.6 x 4.7 x 3.4 cm.
There is a complex cyst in the right ovary 3.9 x 2.4 x 4.2 cm.
There may be an adjacent small crenated simple cyst in the right ovary
measuring 3 cm maximum. Spectral analysis demonstrates arterial and
venous waveforms in the right ovary with no right ovarian torsion.

Left ovary: There is a left adnexal mass measuring 10.0 x 5.1 x 6.1
cm. Possibly ovarian in origin with arterial and venous waveforms in
the peripheral rim. Possibility of hydrosalpinx not excluded.

No free fluid in the pelvis.


There is a left adnexal mass. Possibly ovarian in origin. This could
be a large hemorrhagic cyst or endometrioma or dermoid. The
possibility of a left hydrosalpinx with potential of containing blood
products or debris from inflammatory disease not excluded. This is new
finding or increased since prior. Neoplastic disease not excluded

There is a complex cyst within the right ovary which could be a
hemorrhagic cyst with other etiologies such as endometrioma or
inflammatory disease less likely.

MRI corroboration is recommended.

The endometrial stripe is abnormally slightly thickened. Possibility
of endometrial hyperplasia versus polyp or endometrial cancer or
submucosal fibroid are not excluded.

I am freaking out about this to the point where I have been crying myself to sleep for about a week already. I cannot sleep or eat. I have been getting oanic attacks and having anxiety disorder is not making it any better.

I saw my obgyn two days ago. She told me to skip the mri (because it was expensive and I most likely didn't need it) and referred me to a gyn/oncologist. This made me even more nervous. Although through my crying and panic I did hear her say she couldn't do my surgery because she would take my ovaries out where as the onc would try and save my ovaries. I am 27 years old and I just don't know how to deal with this. She drew blood for a ca-125 but I have bot heard from her or the oncologists office for my appointment. Please help me.
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I know you are scared that is normal. I am not a doctor but your report is not scary. It just has several non cancer things going on. Gyn/oncologists deal with complex cases not just cancer. Your doctor is right they can save your ovaries. If they say they have to take them and you want children you get a second opinion with one who will save your ovaries. It is just easier for doctors to take the ovaries. Most ovarian cysts are benign.I know it is still scary. Do you have someone to go in with you to the gyn/oncologist? Do you have something you just love. I like the White Stallions over in Vienna. They do a ballet. I got to see them practice last month.
Yesterday I had a 2 hour surgery I was awake fore. I thought about the horses. Every detail of them. How they looked, how they smelled, what it was like to pet them. This got me through. When ever you start to get nervous or scared you can go back to your memory. You will notice how much easier it is to go through things that make you tense up. I also use my cat Moon pie. He is 15 pounds. He is a black and white warm bundle of fur. He purs so loud you can hear him across the room. You can pet him for hours and he never gets tired of it.
What you are going through is hard because it is unknown and that is the scariest of all.
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