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Please pray for my cousin

My cousin went in today to have a biopsy done on a lump they found near her collarbone and after doing the biopsy (she had 2 suspiciou spots they found on the CT-scan) they told her that it is definatley cancer.  It will take 4 or 5 more day to find out if it is Hodgskins or Non-hodgskins Lymphoma.  They think it is rapid growing and they are going to treat her with chemo.  My grandma told me that it does not look good at all.  Please pray for her.  She is only 31 (1 month older than me) and has 2 small children.  Thanks for the prayers.  Kasie
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I am so sorry to hear that.  I will be praying for her and for for your family

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I am so sorry to hear this.  Of course she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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My prayers as well.  I have a good friend who is 39 and will be having his last chemo in a few weeks.  He was diagnosed with non-hodgkins in January and is doing very well.  I also have another college friend who was diagnosed with non-hodgkins about 10 years ago and he has been in remission for many years!

It is a struggle but it is nice to know people who have survived the big C.....she is young and that will help her!
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my thoughts and prayers are with you all x
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sending prayers
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Handle that burden to God.  It is too much for your cousin, but pray so that her heavy burden is carried by God....I can tell you about him, about his miracles and his presence.  He's been with me at all times, good ones and specially at bad ones.  I owe him so much, because after a long battle of a hip illness, I am finally cured, and ready for his next mission. Your cousin will go through a bad time, but with your prayers and ours,and her children's presence, she will surely make it.  Do not wear off crying;ask God to change that sadness for happiness that he has transmitted you by letting him live within your soul.  He will give you the strength. At bedtime, do nothing but PRAYING TO GOD, until you fall asleep. God bless you, your cousin and your family....Danisana
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OH I am so sorry to hear this. Not only will I be praying for her but for you and your whole family. It definately affects everyone! How horrible for her little ones!! (((HUGS))) and prayers to you all.
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