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Possible Ovarian Cancer

My mother-in-law (in her early 70's) was admitted to the emergency room yesterday with pain in her abdonimal cavity.  She had MRI/CT scan.  Scans revealed a mass near uterus/ovaries.  Dr's aren't sure still if it's ovarian cancer or uterine cancer.  They're working on tests to determine that.  My mother-in-law didn't have any symptoms other than being somewhat more tired lately than usual.  The MRI showed a tumor on her lung, her liver, & on the last vertebrae in her back.  Not sure how large the ovarian/uterine tumor is, but it showed up as a fairly large mass on the CT/MRI.  I know this is not good news most likely.  The dr's have told her that they are concerned about the 2cm tumor on her last vertebrae, and about the tumors on her liver and the one on her lung.  She is being transferred to a local hospital where more oncology specialists (gynecological oncologists) are so that she can get around the clock care.  I'm very concerned for her.  I'm also curious to know if anyone else in this forum has had a similar experience with ovarian cancer.  Has anyone been diagnosed with ovarian or uterine cancer & had it to metastasize to another area such as lungs, or liver or other tissues/bone/organs???  If so, what advice can you provide or what insight can you offer.  This was a shock to the family.  She seemed fine & has been healthy as far as we know--no symptoms & no problems that we know of.  Now she does have cancer & it looks like she's got several tumors in various organs/tissue...most likely generated from the ovarian tumor.  Any information or stories shared would be appreciated.  Right now...everything is still sketchy.  Hopefully in the next few days we'll have more information on the type of tumor and stage of the cancer.  I only know what info my husband relays to me.  I'm trying to educate myself so I can help the family out.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks everyone!!!
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Hi there,
I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. She definitely needs a biopsy to understand whether all the findings are related.

For instance, boney spots on xrays can frequently be benign and require a biopsy to understand what they are

the big question is whether she should undergo a surgery to remove the big mass as part of her evaluation. If she is medically fit, surgery should be considered even with these other findings

On the other hand, it is possible that she has another primary site of malignancy with spread to the gyn system. In that case, surgery would not be appropriate

I know those will be the issues that the gyn oncologist who sees her will tease out.
best wishes
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