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Post-Cancer Cysts

Having completed cancer treatment 2 years ago and losing one ovary in the process, I've been having a lot of trouble with cysts forming on the one that remains. The cysts are relatively large (current cyst is 8 cm) and cause me a significant amount of pain (it feels like someone is twisting my organs/something is about to burst). My oncologist says that though getting on birth control hormones would help to ease the negative effects and probability of cysts, the extra hormones would make the growth of a new tumor more likely. Most other treatments are out of the picture because I'm only 17 and we don't want to take any chances with risking poor development/potential problems with future fertility.

So my question is primarily this: how do I make the pain bearable enough to continue living a normal life without the options of medical assistance?
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I do not know to answer that. I wish I did.
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