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Post Hysterectomy/Problems

I have had bloating, pain and discomfort for 2 years.  Been diagnosed with IBS when I was much younger, now diverticulitis.  Had colon resection last February, continued having left lower abd. pain, gyn did total hysterectomy in July due to endometriosis.  Also, multiple cysts with one that they thought at the time was a neoplasm.  Initially I had a reduction in pain.  Since surgery have had more problems with constipation, bloating, pain in Left lower abd. as well as pain in same area on my back.  Had colonscopy showed no further issues in the colon.  Also, had CT scan which showed a cystic structure 2.5 cm in diameter near the bowel loops.  They say it could be a seroma, hematoma, abscess, or neoplastic deposit.  My hysterectomy was at the end of July, does this finding have anything to do with that surgery.  Does anyone know?  Going to see another GI specialist soon, I want to know what I should ask.
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I have had constant bowel issues since my second look surgery 17 years ago. My last colonoscopy was about 7 years ago. I was told that, due to adhesions from surgery, the scope could not pass through my ascending colon. This prompts me to ask how anything at all can pass through it. I don't want to get too graphic here, suffice it to say I have learned to deal with these issues as best I can, I figure this problem will not be resolved. Hopefully your doc will be able to pinpoint and identify the CT findings and treat this for you.
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I knew there was a reason I was on this forum tonight...Wishing I could help Snickers7, I read this post, but I am left without answers for her, yet I hope that I can give you some hope.

This is the FIRST time I have read of a situation similar to what I went through back in 2001. I had a colonoscopy (a year after my total hysterectomy) and they found so many surgical adhesions, too, but we got through the procedure, although I don't know what I was thinking! I will say that the scope ended up breaking up some of the adhesions and so I got some relief....but, well, it is a long story. I am totally adhesion free all these years later and the answer was almost too simple. I need to go into my computer to find the info. I just posted not long ago to someone on the Woman's health forum, but it is impossible to copy posts now due to the new format. All of the underlined words come complete with a huge list of references and such under them. Hard to explain, but impossible to re-post.

If you have any questions let me know...and, if you don't mind, let me know that you have seen this since I will post it again directly to you if I see that you might have missed this.

Hoping to bring you relief....now off to my hard drive. I will return!


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Adhesion Thread, Updated

The woman who taught me how to do this is an Exercise Instructor. She said that one reason she wanted to learn this was so that she could teach elderly people how to do it since some of our insides "glue together" as we age and that this releases much of the gluing because of all the blood, thus oxygen, it brings to the area.

In my case, I had a total hysterectomy in 2000 and suffered from surgical adhesions for about a year. The pain from the adhesions started about three months post-op. This technique seems to break up the adhesions and it worked for me.  I figured that if it worked for adhesions that formed naturally in our body, it should work for surgical adhesions. It did!

It is truly amazing. I noticed a HUGE difference immediately. When I sat up after the fist time I did this (about a 15 min. session) I could feel a "FLOOD" or a Rush of blood or something! going to that area. After having pain about 40 times an HOUR for over a year and a half after my surgery, my pain decreased to only about 10 times a DAY for a few seconds at a time. I did this procedure again about a week after the first one and that gave me even more relief. I think it was about four months until I had to do it again. Now I do it about once a year, if that. I have been virtually pain free. I get a dull ache now and then, but that is it.  

The idea is you want to get the blood to the bone, not just the muscle....so it floods the tendons and gets lots of oxygen there to start healing and breaking up the adhesions.

**My instructor told me to think of a steak and how the tendon is sort of splotchy with blood where it is attached to the bone...well, you want to get the blood totally to the bone so as to really break things up. Regular massage is not "deep" enough.

The ball I used measures 16 inches. Again, though, I did not get the ball thru the website (Bodylogic.com) but you can go there and check it out if you want. The website is all about body rolling and about the woman (her name is Yumana and I think she is from Russia) who developed the technique. Anyway, I got just an ordinary ball in a toy section at Target and it looked similar to the one the instructor had used. The ball I have has a picture of Blues Clues on it! Hey, it works. It probably is bigger than the ones they recommend, but, if you think about it, it is squishy to the point where once all my weight is on it, it probably shrinks down to about ten inches. And, I just put my "front" onto the ball for the pelvic pain and not my back.

Here is how I did it...leaning my body wt. into it, literally placing the ball underneath me and "rolling" on it...slowly.

I would lay on the pubic bone and then take about four minutes or so to SLOWLY (while remembering to take deep breaths now and then) work my way out to the right side where the ovary once was on that side. After you get there, go back slowly to the pubic bone...breathe deeply. When you get to the pubic bone again, then go to the other side, following a path, if you will, of where you imagine the falopian tube once was. So, you are rolling in something like a "V" formation. After you get to the left side where the ovary once was, then go back to the pubic bone...and, you are done. But, take about 15 minutes to do the whole procedure.

**********************Udated information....August 2007***********************

At first I did this technique twice in two weeks. Then I had to do it about once every two months or so...then about once a year. When my doctor did the laparscopy on me in June, 07 (hoping to find adhesions so we could figure out why I have been having pain, which they now think is from a ruptured disk) he was shocked at how "clean" my insides were. He said he actually consulted another doctor about it. He said that you always see evidence of any type of abdominal surgery no matter how invasive the surgery. And, since I had such a huge surgery back in 2000, he expected to see some type of adhesion debris...but did not see anything. A great testimonial to Body rolling!

I always suggest checking with the doctor. I am not a doctor, just a person miserable from the pain of adhesions.

It does hurt a little while you are doing it that is for sure, since you are initially pressing on the pubic bone with all the weight you can manage to put on the ball. And then you roll slowly to where the ovaries once were and yes, it is not the most pleasant feeling, but it is a "good hurt" if you know what I mean.

Simply Star said her daughter uses a Medicine ball. She uses the type of Medicine ball that is "squishy." I have not tried that. ....

Take care and good luck!

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Dear Mary, I want you to know how much it means to me that you took the time to post this, you are SO very kind. Although I really, REALLY want to, I cannot read it all right now, but I will finish it tomorrow for sure, even if it means reading it while at work. Again, I am eternally grateful to you for being so thoughtful, your kindness takes my breath away! I am not a religious person per se, but am very spiritual, may God bless you and yours this holiday season.
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Well, I made the time and read your entire post. I will definitely give it a try and yes, it will be painful. My second look surgery was an 8 and a half hour procedure, it left me with a gut full of titianium staples, I'm sure rolling over them, be it fast OR slow, will be less than my idea of a good time, but, hey, if it helps, it will be well worth a little pain. Let's face it, that pain will be nothing compared to what I have already been through :). Thanks again and "Happy Rolling"!
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