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Post ovarian surgery pain

This is my first post and I am hoping someone might be able to help.  Can I first just say how helpful it has been over the last few months reading everyone's comments and knowing what to expect.

I had my left ovary and a large cyst removed 3 weeks ago and am concerned that since the op I've had lower back pain on the left side.  I had pain here before the surgery - both a dull ache and at times (mostly after moving about) experienced very sharp pain here as well.  My consultant said was caused by the cyst damaging the ovary hence the reason it had to be removed.  It was abdominal and back pain that led to the discovery of the cyst in the first place.  

I assumed this post op pain was normal until I had my 3 week check with the surgeon this week (everything ok)- he says that as I don't have an ovary anymore I shouldn't have this pain and suggested it was muscle pain from sitting in an odd position.  I'm concerned as never had any back problems before and this pain is in exactly the same place as before.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is it just normal post operative pain or should I go back to the consultant?
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I had laproscopic surgery Nov. 2 to remove a dermoid cyst, my right ovary and fallopian tube.  A week after the surgery I had some pain in my rib cage.  My doctor told me that I probably just pulled a muscle while I was trying to protect my muscles around the surgery site.  I thought for sure something more serious was the problem, but sure enough, after a few more weeks, the pain went away.  Now I am almost certain that I did pull or strain some muscles.  Do you think this could be the case for you?  I would give it another week or so to see if your back pain subsides.

Good luck!
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Mary & Marskinner - thanks for your replies.

Mary - we did indeed have our ops within a few days of each other - mine was 21st November.  I had open surgery.  I had a 3 week check and the cons said I could go back to him directly with any problems in the next 6 months rather than via my GP.  I am in the UK and lucky that my employer pays for private heathcare so the consultant is very accessible.  
marskinner - glad to hear that the pain went away - I think I'll give it a few weeks and see how I am - hopefully the run up to Xmas will take my mind off everything!
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Hello Everyone,

This Is my first posting to this site, actually this is the first time I have ventured on these pages.  About 2 months ago after having an ultrasound, my gynecologist advised me that my left and only ovary appeared to be a little larger than normal.  In the same breath she advised me that she recommended removing the ovary to see if it is cancerous and at the same time she recommends a hysterectomy.  I'm going to be 50 years old in May, and don't plan on having any more children or course; but after several weeks of thinking about this...shouldn't there be more tests, a better way of finding out of this is cancer? What will happen to my womenhood? I'm just panic stricken right now and I'm considering seeing another doctor for another opinion.  I am not in any pain, and my abdomin isn't any bigger than it normally is when I'm not excersing...so I'm baffled as to how to proceed and don't want to under go surgery if it's not necessary.  My right ovary was removed more than 20 years ago because of a cyst and I just took the doctors word that it should be removed, I'm a little wiser now and I'm really questioning if this is the right thing to so.  Surgery is scheduled for Jan 26th, so I have a little more time to research my situation....HELP!!!!
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