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Prayer Circle for Deandra

Hi Everyone - I know I have been "lacking" in the forum department...SORRY!!! Life has been hectic...I just want you all to know that I pray and think of you all always....I am asking all of you if you could join me in a prayer circle for Deandra...She needs us!!! She did not receive good news regarding her scan and she is not sure what the next step will be...either a new chemo combo or surgery....I wil start off by saying that I am sending her positive prayers and thoughts and May God watch over and guide her through this difficult journey....I love you Deandra!!!!! Thanks everyone....Love you all, Gia xoxoxo
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I will join Gia in sending my thoughts and my prayers Deandra's way.
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Stay strong - you can get through this............hugs and well wishes!!!!!!

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My dear Deandra, I am sending you love and strength,  this prayer circle  will enclose you and guided you through this.  Marty
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I'm stepping in to join you all in sending prayers and positive thoughts to Deandra... Thinking of you.........

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Prayers encircled you now and clear thinking and guidance will surely follow.  Deandra, you are not alone here.  Many sisters with OvCa are in the same situation.  But tonight, right now, my friend YOU, Deandra, are being lifted up and called out by name!

Take good care,
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May the Good Lord hold you and guide you through this next journey.  I will keep you in my prayers as always.  May God be with you.  Judy
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Joining in the prayer circle for Deandra. Strong hands, strong hearts, may God hear all our prayers, she will get through this! Colleen
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Deandra,  I am too am joining in the prayer circle, I am sending you positive thoughts and lots of love.....Dawnlyn
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I'm praying for you as well,stay strong,you'll come through it ok.  Love and ((hugz))~~Joanne
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Another voice, another added to your prayer circle.  Be strong, find your peace.  I will think of you every day.
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Joining the circle of prayer for you Deandra, stay strong.
love butterflyTc
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Dear Deandra, I ask the Lord to watch over you, lift you up, care for you, comfort you and show you His most powerful mercies.  And, I ask Him to hold your family closely to you and love you all.  Amen  

Love you,
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Adding my arms to the circle that surrounds you, adding my prayers and love to protect and support you as well. Love to you,  Irene
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So sorry to hear you did not get good news.  Joining this circle to add my support and hope for a treatment plan that works.
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I am praying for you, I am praying that you will not be afraid, that you will not feel alone, that those around you, your Dr.'s, your loved ones and friends will know exactly what to do and say.  You are strong, you are not alone, you have always amazed me and you will take all of this new stuff on be okay.  Love always, Kerry
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Feel free to lean on me or anyone else for help through this.  Another combination of meds might be just what you need.  If it's icky, call on us to help.  I live within an hour and would drop everything to come and help.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend.
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All of our hands over your hands praying with you right now! May God give you the strength,hope,and encouragement that you need during this difficult time.This is just a bump in the road,another obstacle to overcome,have hope that you can heal..Mind over matter,don't give up!God Bless You,Jen

Heal me,O Lord,and I will be healed;save me and I will be saved,for you are the one I praise. Jeremiah 17:14
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I also will keep you and your family in my prayers.  May you find comfort and continued strength!

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No prayers goes unanswered . Hang in there my friend , we are with you . God never gives us more than we can handle .
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My positive thoughts and prayers are with you.  Stay strong.

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Joining from Minnesota... I think of you often, Deandra.

Love and Peace,

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Prayers coming your way Deandra from Boston. God Bless you and give you the strength and continued hope to keep on fighting!!!
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Sending lots of prayers your way.  May God give you comfort and peace as you wait to find out what to do next.  Love Kasie
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