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Prayer for TC's surgery on Tuesday

Please join me in a prayer circle for TC's surgery on Tuesday.  She is such a strong woman and is sorely missed around here.  Hopefully after this surgery she will be feeling up to getting on the computer for a bit.  I am PRAYING really hard that this surgery is a success and she will be able to enjoy the taste of food again and that she will be pain free.  

TC, if you get to read this, I hope  you kow how very much you mean to me.  I  can't wait for the day when we get to sit down and have another 2 hour conversation.  I miss  you so much and think of you all the time.  You are a true inspiration to me.  I love you and will be praying extra hard for you on Tuesday.  

Dear Father,
    Please be with our dear friend TC during her surgery.  Please guide the surgeon's hands and fix all that needs fix so that TC can enjoy a pain free life.  I lift her up to you Father and know that nobody loves her more than You do.  Give hear comfort and let her feel Your loveing arms around her.  I pray that her surgery goes quickly and successfully and that she has a very quick recovery.  I also pray that you be with Semus as he sits in the waiting room with anticipation of TC's surgery going well.  Let him too feel your arms around him and give him comfort and strength.  I pray for each and every woman on this forum.  In Your son's precious name, Amen.
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   I join hands with you and share in your prayer that  TC's surgery is a success and that she will soon be back in better shape than ever.

(PS  I will keep you all updated on how she is doing)
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Joining hands with Chris , praying hard for a successful outcome for dear Butterflys surgery. Thinking of you.

Love Angie
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Holding Angie's hand and reaching out with other... Please be safe Butterfly..

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Butterfly.....My prayers and thoughts are with you...I am joining hands with Sandy..Please know that I wish you the best...Love, Gia :)
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Joining the circle and sending out good healing vibes and lots of prayers......... rest and heal!

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Holding Heidi's hand, praying for success for TC's surgery. God Bless you and God speed.

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Holding Laney's hand and praying for Butterfly's successful surgery and quick recovery...Love, Dawnlyn
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Holding Dawnlyn's hand and offering strength and support to Butterfly.
Sharon B
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I'm holding Sharon B's hand and continue this prayer circle...Joanne
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I'm joining Joanne's hand and lifting Tc up in prayer.  Father keep her safe. ~L
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I am taking cirella's hand and also lifting Tc up in prayer.  May God grant her good results.  Marie
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taking maries hand and lifting the circle up in prayer and thanking the father for a place we can come to and join in prayer ... i pray his blessings on all who read this ... i pray tc a safe surgery and a happy result ... i pray her family feels comfort during the terrible waiting amen
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I Take Sharons hand in prayer for a succesful surgery............loove Donna
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Reaching out to Donna's hand to wrap this huge loving circle around TC. Will add my prayers as well for a successful outcome tomorrow. Hugs to all.  Irene
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bumping this up.  
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Taking Irene's hand and praying fervently for TC's successful recovery.
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Hi...sorry all.  I just wanted to keep this at the top.

Thanks for understanding.
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I am bumping this up.. we all care
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I'm holding Trudie's hand and praying hard...

We love you, TC!

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Joining all of the others with prayers for TC.  Judy
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Taking Judys hand in prayer that the surgeons hands will be guided by God and that TC will have a successful surgery and a positive outcome.
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I am praying for TC too. I hoped everything would be well her her.
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Cory and I pray also TC that you come through this with flying colors so your suffering will end and so you can eat that first salad you have been craving. We will keep you in our prayers tomorrow as the surgeons do their jobs.
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I am joining the prayer circle and praying for the best. May god help in your speedy recovery Love you Sher
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