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Prayers Needed

My Mom is in the hospital for several days now after starting her new chemo treatment last week.  She cannot keep anything down and very lethargic.  CT scan shows no blockage but the cancer seedings are all over the abdomen.
Doctors are talking hospice unless she starts to improve by keeping food down.  Im hoping for a miracle, for my beautiful Mom.  If there is no improvement in the next few days, I know that the end is near.
I type this as my heart is shattered into pieces and my tears are pouring..
Please say a prayer for my Mom to come through this rough time.

Thank You
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Please make them keep her comfortable whichever way this goes.  There is just no reason for her to suffer unnecessarily.  
I know this pain and it is merciless but hope you feel my support coming your way.
In dignity,
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Hi Fiana,

I'm sorry your mom has taken a turn for the worse.  I will keep you both in my prayers.  You are a dedicated daughter, and I am so glad she has you.  I'm sending you hugs and prayers for peace and comfort.  

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I'm so sorry to hear about this.  Having traveled the same path with my mom, I understand.  I will keep not only your mom but all of her loved ones in my prayers.  As Gail mentioned, I know that your mom is glad to have you and your loving support.  May you all find relief and peace.

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Fiana, sending hope and prayers to you. I am so sorry you are going through this and am thinking of both you and your Mum.

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hi, my mom was admitted to hospital one month ago, she weights 48kg that time and she did not eat from a month. there was mass that press on small intestine, and small masses over the intestine. anyway, why doctors of your mother did not think about surgery? I do not mean something big like open abdomen surgery, but they can do small ostomy, just cut intestine by laparoscopic surgery somewere near duodenum, so your mom can eat, and some of the nutrition is absorbed, it is still better than hospice, maybe new chemo will shrink the cancer. my mom will also try 'neutral infection absorption' technique by george ashkar. most doctors are not convinced to this method, but he said that from 400 different cancers , in different stages only 8 die, so maybe it can help. I wish your mom a lot of health, you can email me on ***@****
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You know your im my thoughts and prayers. Our journeys together with our mothers has always made me feel like I have a friend with you. I cant believe what Ive just read, but I wouldnt jump yet!! These reactions shes having cant be from this last chemo???
Hang in there and My prayers are with the both of you.
Please keep me posted!
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My mum had just the same symptoms. They found she had a partial obstruction from the cells on her bowel so they did a bowel bypass. She would have been getting on ok if she hadn't since got c diff bug and a chest infection, now her wound is infected.
The Dr who has been looking after mum is not a gynaeonc. but a bowel surgeon. He said he was prepared to operate to give mum a chance.
The bowel Dr did use an NG tube to relieve the sickness and anti sickness injections before the op.
It might be worth speaking to another Dr and seeing their few on things.
We spoke to the bowel Dr who was prepared to operate.

Thinking of you.
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Sometimes Hospice can get you through a rough patch and your Mom will be able to resume treatment.  In the meantime, I will keep all of you in my prayers.

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