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Praying for Deandra aka Brownie3321

Hey ladies...Deandra is not doing well at all. Please keep our OVCA sister in your prayers.
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Deandra, I am sending prayers your way for you and your family.....Also sending lots of love and positive thoughts.....Love, Dawnlyn
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I will sending all the positive energy to you.  Prayers for you and your family too.

Peace and Love
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Oh no. Adding my prayers and love to the mix.

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Im praying hard for you!!

love, inny
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I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and love from Sydney
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Oh, I am so sorry to hear this.. Please know that I am thinking of you. You are a wonderfully brave young woman..Prayers and good thoughts for you and your family
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I am so sorry to hear this.  Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts.
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So sorry to hear.  Deandra, am holding you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh Deandra! Wishing you comfort and healing. I think of you and Becky often as you are both close to my age. It is unbearable that you are going through this so young and I wish you could share my remission.
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Sending  positive thoughts and prayers your way Deandra, I,m sorry to hear that you are struggling and hope that this will pass speedily and you feel better soon.


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Praying for you, Deandra.
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Sending you prayers and warm wishes.


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Sending  prayers and positive energy to you and your family, Deandra,  and may peace be with you all.
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Lots of love, hugs, and prayers are being said for you, Deandra.  I know you probably won't read this, but I hope you feel the support you have here in your heart.  We are wishing for your miracle.  

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Deandra, as always my thoughts and prayers are with "my girls"  you were so much support to me when leslee was dealing with this beast, there is not a day goes by that I don't hope and pray for  all of you, you are such a beautiful  young lady and deserve to win this battle, My blessings go to Luke too, stay strong and we are all praying for  you.  Love  marty
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Just read the latest update from Deandras Family on the care pages, her situation has deteriorated so please continue to pray for a miracle for this very brave and beautiful woman.

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Thank you for the update, Angie... I've been (there are no words)... so, so sad about this and I thought about signing up at Carepages last night to see if there was any news there...so, again, thank you for letting us know... FB is filled with tributes as is this post here on Medhelp. Oh my gosh... I hate this. I know we all do.

Prayers and love and hugs from Minnesota to you, Deandra.

Love, Mary
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Deandra, I would be praying for you. PinkTissue
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I saw an update on FaceBook. Just about made me cry. The time is short. She and her family will be on my heart and in my prayers every day for the weeks (I hope) to come. Praying for as much time as possible for them all to be together and to be pain free.

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My heart is so heavy right now. Our dear Deandra is not doing well. Her doctor's have given her days to weeks to live. She is going into liver failure and her cancer is aggresively spreading. You know Deandra though - she is not giving up and will continue to fight this beast with everything she has.
There are no words to describe how I feel right now. Although it was because of cancer that Deandra and I "met", I wish to God she never had to deal with this. She is too young...too vibrant...too full of life.
I consider Deandra one of my very closest "cancer" friends...someone who truly knows what I'm going through, who knows how I'm feeling. Someone who understands that sometimes, the best thing to say is "this *****".
I love you Deandra...and I will pray for you day and night, with all that I have. I will ask God to send a miracle your way because you so dearly deserve one.
I truly am so very sorry you have to deal with this...life is just not fair.
Sending many healing hugs your way,
Love Becky xx
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Could you please tell me where i can find on facebook for her too? Id like to show my support both here and there and be able to tell my facebook friends for some prayers.
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I haven't been on here in awhile and was horrified to see this topic.  I think about Deandra often and can't believe it has come to this. I am so glad she got her dream wedding and hope she finds her miracle.  I pray for peace for her and her family.  

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I remember when Jan showed me the invite for your wedding.  I thought that was the coolest thing, the invitation came in a little bottle with sand.  I'm so glad you had you had your perfect wedding. Jan always spoke with such love in her voice about you and many on this forum.  I know she is watching over you and trying to help bring you peace. Love Lisa
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I am really sad to hear this news.  I pray you are free of pain and that God will comfort you and your family.  You have endured many obstacles, yet always kept such a positive attitude.  This really stinks!!!!

Hugs and Prayers,

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