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Pre-op screening and living will

Hi gals,

I had my pre-op screening this morning. When they got to the question about the living wills/advanced directives/medical power of attouney I said I still had to do that and they had a nice booklet with all the instructions and proper forms. They said NOT to sign it until I got there that day. THey had a nurse that was a notory and could witness it. Of course if you have it notorized on your own I'm sure that is fine. But it made it nice and convienient.

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I forgot to ask....will they cancel surgery for a cold? I am having general anesthisia.

Won't you know it, no one has been sick all winter and the week before my surgery both granddaughters get nasty, snotty colds and I watch them several days a week. I can't say no to them when they need to rock because they don't feel good! I'm their grammom!

Anyone have any experience with this?.  thanks, Cindi
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I have heard of surgeries cancelled because of a cold.  However, they'll probably do a chest x-ray and if that's clear, I think they'll go ahead.  I believe the concern is for chest congestion more than a 'head cold'
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Try Airbourne.  It works great and several women here (myself included) have taken it.  It helps prevent colds and get rid of them if you have one.
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Oh, also Coldeze...I've used them and they seem to stop a cold in it's tracks for me.
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I didn't think of those things...I use echinasia whenever anyone gets sick here but you can't take it before surgery. If I sstart to get it I'll callthe surgery center and get it okayed then get me some!  thanks, gals.
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As long as you are not running a fever and do not have a significant amount of sinus drainage, they will go ahead and do it.
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I read somewhere a couple of years ago that taking high doses of vitamin c at the very first sign of cold symptoms will stop the virus progressing.  I have done this since and have had great success - I did end up getting sick once, but every other time, I was able to thwart the virus. I take 6 x 500mg vitamin c tabs. The body gets rid of the excess vitamin c it can't absorb and as long as you don't do this as part of a daily regime, it's perfectly safe (I checked with GP before I tried this).
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