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Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Hello everyone

I have recently joined this site and have found it very useful and user friendly. I don't actually have Ovarian cancer but Primary Peritoneal Cancer (PPC). The reason I am posting here is 1. PPC is very rare and doesn't have a dedicated group. 2. It is from the same tissue and acts the same as Ovarian and is treated with the same chemotherapies.

I was wondering if there were any other ladies out there with the same cancer as me.

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Hi Dear;

I was diagnosed with ppc on Sept 2006, surgery and chemo after, still fighting.  I am on stage 4 and supossed to be on chemo again, but right now are trying a hollistic medicine for cancer.  How are you and how do you feel?


New York
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I am a 4-year survivor of Stage 4 (Primary) Peritoneal Cancer.
I was diagnosed with it in January 2007 & underwent major surgery 3 weeks after that.
I had 10 cycles of chemotherapy ("Carboplatin") over the following months, then had a short remission the following year.
I relapsed in August 2008 (leading up to this, however, I had experienced considerable personal stress in my life, which I have often wondered if it had contributed towards triggering the relapse).
Later that year, I commenced a further round of chemotherapy (this time it was "Paclotaxol" - 6 cycles of it) & almost got back into remmission again).
Over this last year, my CA125 Tumour Markers have gone up even higher than ever & I had been having even more chemotherapy ("Gemcytoben" this time & more recently "Etopocide").
My markers are still pretty high, but less than what they had been during most of the last year.
I'm due to see my Oncologist again in a couple of days time to find out where we go to from here. However, I have to say that I have been feeling really great over the last few weeks.
I have been taking a few complimentary things over the last 4 years to also help (ones that don't interfere with the chemo).
I now also try to not allow too much stress in my life & have managed to remove from my life what had stressed me out so much 2-3 years ago.  I also find that, while the expected survival rates might seem rather scary, if I don't dwell on them too much, then that also helps to keep me feeling more positive, which I am sure also helps my "fight" even more.
All the best for your treatment & for whatever lies ahead of you.

Paeroa, New Zealand
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