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Provera to stop irregular bleeding

I'm 33 years old and I have been spotting/light period for over 3 weeks now.  My last normal period was 5/13-5/18 and my spotting started on 6/10.  It started out with brown spotting for over a week then I went to a doctor where I got my blood test, pelvic exam and ultrasound done.  All came back negative.  The dr put me on Provera for 5 days.  Each time I take the pill, I have more bleeding which is normal (told by the doctor) then I'm back to spotting again.  I wonder if this happened to anyone? does it sound normal? what else can I do to stop the bleeding? What additional test do I need to make sure I'm ok?
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Hi Crystal,
bleeding outside of a menstruation is abnormal. it could be due to a hormone imbalance, a polyp, or a growth inside the uterus. Infection and pregnancy can cause abnormal bleeding as well.
It is reasonable to try provera because it will stabilize the lining of the uterus

You should ask your doctor about a pregnancy test if you have not had one, lab tests to check for a hormone imbalance such as thyroid hormone. You should also ask about getting a pelvic ultrasound right after your period when the lining of your uterus should be at its thinnest. If there is a thickening at that time, your doctor should consider a biopsy of the lining of the uterus.
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Thanks for your comment.  I did a regular ultrasound and pelvic exam and it came back normal.  I also had a pap smear in Dec. 06 and it was negative.  Should I take another pap smear?  Should I take a vaginal ultrasound in additional to the abdominal ultrasound that I had two weeks ago?  My doctor told me that if my bleeding doesn't stop she will order CT scan for me.  I'm very confused at this point.  I'm not even sure what type of test do I need at this point to find out exactly what's going on.  the ultrasound I took shows no mass, no cysts.  Do you think a biopsy is needed in my case?
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dear Crystal
yes , it sounds like you need a biopsy. It may be that your doctor does not do biopsies if she is not a gynecologist. in that case, you should see a gynecologist
take care
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Hi,  Just want to give an update.  I've been spotting / light period for more than a month now.  For this past few days, I been having dark brown blood coming out.  It's not a lot, I only use one pantyliner per day.  However, whenever I stand up or walk, I always feel like blood would be coming out so I always have to wear a pantyliner or a pad.  I've had pelvic ultrasound and pelvic exam and blood test, all came back negative.  Even Provera didn't work for me.  Should I request more advance test?  My family dr refused to order CT Scan for me because she didn't think the insurance company would approve since I have no other symptoms.  Do you think cysts or fabroid can cause this problem?  or even cancer?  I'm very worried because my husband and I been trying to conceive and I don't know if this can stop me from being pregnant.  Please help.  Thanks
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Hi..im a 23yr old female and back in 4\09 i had an abortion. Then 5\09 i started taking DEPO. I beed from then until 8\09 (3mo) so my dc wrote me up some birth control pills to take for two months to see if it would regulate me while being on DEPO..so by the time  i went back (11\09) to get my next shot my bleeding had somewhat stopped.but after i finished the pills a week later i started bleeding again and has been bleeding ever since..what should i do? because im due for another depo shot in 2\2010 should i get it or just dnt take anything and let my body regulate?
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