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Question on U/S results

Hello everyone.  I had an U/S done 6 weeks ago and they found bilateral complex ovarian cysts.  I had to do a f/u and these are the findings:
The uterus mesures 10.2 x 4.5 x 6. cm and is mildly enlarged with an endometrial stripe thickness of 12mm, which may be normal depending on the patient's cycle.  There is no evidense of uterine mass ideentified.  The left ovary measures 3.5cm x 2.9cm x 3.6cm and contains a 3cm rounded echogenic mass, which appears approximately the same as comparison exam dated 5 Jan 2006.  The right ovary measures 5.8 x 3.4 x 3.1 and contains a complex 2.3 cm rounded fluid filled mass with fluid fluid level likey representing a hemmorrhagic cyst, and also appears similar to examination of 5 Jan 2006.  Also noted is a 1.6 hypoechoic mass, which is without significant change.  Minimal free fluid is noted in the cul-de sac.
What do they mean by echogenic mass and hypoechoic mass?
Currently, I am on seaonale and supress my cycle. I been on it for 6 weeks now.  I was also told that is all they can do for now and we need to just keep monitoring it because it favors a benign process.  I feel stabbing pain from time to time and I do have pain medication but I just hate waiting.  Is there anything else I can do?  Thanks  8-))
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those words are just pretty words for cyst. The only thing I can tell you is if you are having that much pain and problems talk to your dr about doing something more or find some one else whom will. you have to remember dr' s are people to and sometime there opinion isn't always the best way to go. hope things get better and god bless.
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Hi, welcome to the site, sorry you feel bad. I know waiting is hard, I'd go crazy if it wasn't for the girls I've met in here...like Gatsby, RavenLady, DnAzMama, whiz, xrayu2, pokemomma, ....I'm probably forgetting someone, but they are the gals that have been "regulars" to me since I joined 2weeks ago. My follow-up u/s is in 9more days, I have a complex cyst too...It is 5.1cm with debris...I believe that's what they mean by echogenic..(there is solid things in the fluid)...I wish Raven or xray were here right now to help us decode the reports! ha,ha
Take care,
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Hi, My name is Betty, I am 27 years old and I do not want to have surgery again.  I had a pelvic ultrasound due to pelvic pain, cramping and back ache. Last year I had an IUD removed because they believed it caused me to have a PID, which then my Dr. told me caused scar tissue in my uterus and I had surgery to have it removed. Two weeks ago I went to my Dr. because my back and pelvic area pain was intolerable. Once again he said I had inflamation in my cervix. I had a pelvic ultrasound done on the 9/19 and these were my results:

Transabdominal and transvaginal images of the pelvis performed. Uterus is normal measuring 10x4x6 cm. Endometrial stripe is midly thickened at 12mm, however, this is homogeneous in appearance. No discrete mass is identified. In addition, this slightly thickened portion is seen at the fundus of the uterus. Nabothian cysts are seen along the cervix. The ovaries are normal. The right ovary measures 3.1x1.3x3.0 cm. Left ovary measures 3.4x1.7x2.2 cm.\

1. Nabothian cysts along cervix.
2. Normal ovaries without tubo-ovarian abscess.
3. Midly prominent endometrial stripe. Fundus of uterus appears physiologic in nature.

My questions are:
1. Endometrial stripe midly thickened at 12mm. What does this mean?
2. What is normal for an endometrial stripe to be?
3. Do I need to be worried about it being 12mm?
4. What does thickened portion is seen at the fundus of the uterus?
5. What is fundus of the uterus?
6. What is a Nabothian Cyst?
7. What do they mean by, "Nabothian cysts are seen along the cervix?"
8. How many, if any am I supposed to have?
9. Do I need to have these removed?
10.What is causing me to have pain?

I am scared to have surgery again, especially in the same area for almost the same thing. Having surgery again within a year just doesn't seem norm
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A nabothian cyst is a mucus-filled cyst on the surface of the cervix. They are most often caused when new tissue growth blocks the nabothian glands of the cervix; this traps mucosal secretions in small (usually 2-10 mm in diameter) subdermal pockets.

Nabothian cysts appear most often as firm bumps on the cervix's surface. A woman may notice the cyst when inserting a diaphragm or cervical cap, or when doing the cervix check as part of fertility awareness.[1] A gynecologist may notice the cysts during a pelvic exam.

Nabothian cysts are considered harmless and usually disappear on their own. Some women notice they appear and disappear in relation to their menstrual cycle. If a woman is not sure the anomaly she has found on her cervix is a nabothian cyst, a visit to a doctor is recommended to rule out other conditions.[1]

Rarely, nabothian cysts have a correlation with chronic cervicitis, an inflammatory infection of the cervix.

Nabothian cysts are not considered problematic unless they grow very large and present secondary symptoms. A gynecologist may wish to perform a colposcopy or biopsy on a nabothian cyst to check for cancer or other problems. Two methods for removing these cysts include electrocautery and cryofreezing.

the fundus is the "ring" of muscle at the opening of the uterus,  i would imagine the imflamation of the cervix is what is causing you the pain.  I do not see that any surgery would be necessary if they can clear up the cervix.  
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I have been put on antibiotics and anti-inflamatory medications that didn't seem to work. What is causing the inflamation of the cervixand is thickening of the endometrial stripe normal?
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Has anyone having ovarian cancer used LDN(lOW DOSE NALTREXONE)?
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