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I am 53 and had the Novasure procedure 3 years ago and have not had a period since. I had right sided pain 2 weeks ago only in the morning when driving. Felt like my ovaries (like ovulating but worse). The pain stopped for about a week. Then at the end of the next week it came back. I also felt pelvic pressure And some urgency from the pressure. I'm still hungry, no stool changes, not sure if my stomach is larger since I went off my diet the last few weeks and have gained a few pounds. I had lost 40 pounds last year and have gained 15 over the year by not watching what I eat. I saw the NP Thursday and said did not feel anything unusual with my ovaries, my uterus or endometrium is slightly thick (?).She said the pain could have been from an cyst on my ovary bursting. I will have a pelvic ultrasound next Wednesday to check the size of my cervix, uterus and look at my ovaries. I can't tell if I'm imagining it if my stomach now feels fatter. I'm close to 100 lbs overweight. I measured my waist and looked at my measurements over a year ago at this weight and my waist is almost the same in inches. I feel like I'm going to start my period with this pelvic pressure. Also, the last few days when sitting or standing my ankles swell some. She didn't know why. My blood pressure is fine. I do sit at work and the ankle swelling started after working 9 days in a row.
Any suggestions? Should I worry? She said everything looked fine but having the pelvic ultrasound on Wednesday. I’m just concerned and anxious. I’m not sure if I stomach is larger since I have gained a little weight from stopping dieting or if it could be from cancer plus if I am going to start my periods again it could be from that.
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Pelvic US was clear. Blood work clear. Abdominal and pelvic CT showed diverticultis and gall stones. Pcp thinks I could have a prolapsed bladder. To see GYN Urologist next.
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First lets see if if there are any types of masses on  your ovaries before you start worrying...and remember most cysts are benign....well over 95 percent of them.  

I don't know anything about the Novasure procedure so couldn't offer any opinions it or when you might begin your period.

It could have very well been a cysts that burst, and that is painful.

Let us know what happens after the sonogram....until then....try really hard not to worry.
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