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hI my mum finished chemo 6 months ago for stage 4 ovarian cancer after having hysterectomy and removal of omentum. Before surgery she aloso had fluid in abdomen and lung with cancer cells present.  a month ago she had been having some discomfort in abdomen and subsequent scan has shown lesions in liver and peritoneum.  She is now having chemo restarted on weekly basis for six months.   Can u give me an honest prognosis?
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I was stage 3c and I recurred after about 9 months. I did chemo until May, then changed to another one this last time. Everyone is different, we have several stage 4 ladies on here that are several yrs out. I know of  2 stage 4 ladies 10 years out, who have been on different chemo regimens off and on. Try not to worry or set timelines. Best wishes  Donna
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Just like Donna, I know several people who have lived at stage 4 for many, many years.  Perfectly healthy.  For many survivors, ovca seems to be becoming a "chronic" condition:  it comes back, we take chemo, it's gone, it comes back, etc.  

I hope your mum becomes one of the survivors who can look back on this in twenty years and laugh about it.

All my best wishes.  SurvivorSusie
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Thank you so much for your words of inspiration and hope.  My mum is ,like you all seem to be, a fighter and will keep giving it her best shot. Best wishes to you both and to all on this site x
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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  I have been reading the book Cancer Free by Bill Henderson.  He gives natural cures and according to his writing, many people who were sent home to die - LIVED !!  Please get it - it's worth the read.  It's easy reading and it's a guide to gentle, NON-TOXIC healing.  It does not agree with conventional methods - chemo and radiation.  I've been taking the supplements recommended . . . . . . Please go to this website and order the book.


Copy this link into your browser.
Go to the bottom of the above pa
ge and order the book.  It may save your loved ones life.
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Hello....I can only imagine how you must be feeling with the recurrance your mom is experiencing.  I am posting only to remind everyone that ovarian cancer is not a "gentle disease" and it will not respond in the desired way with massage and supplements.....this is a tough battle and all weapons available must be called into action.  There might be 'gentle' and "not-toxic" supplements to be added to the recommended treatments but it does take an awfully educated person or team to make wise choices ....I won't mention anyone's name but there are people here with valuable wisdom ....the big guns are still necessary......Bill Henderson might be a nice guy but .....he is looking to make money off each of us.
Follow your doctor's advice and seek additional information in order to make your mom's ordeal more doeable.
Good luck to you both.....do keep us posted.
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I agree with dian07. Marie
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Thanks for your comment.  I am very pleased that this book seems to be helping you but I agree with Dian07 on this matter.  All weapons are needed and are backed up by scietific fact.  My Mum is a great believer, however, in the power of the mind and will use her positive mental attitude along with the consultants recommendations.  I wish you continued health. Jands
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Thanks Dian and Marie. I agree that these people are out to make money - If any of us on this site found some unique thing that really worked we would offer all the advice we could for free or for funds towards more research - not sell it for profit ! Thanks for your concern.  It is a great feeling to know that I can discuss things that I wouldn't with friends or family as you don't want to put our worries onto them - what a great site and wonderful people ! Thanks and best regards to you X
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Hello...I was dx Stage 4 in Feb'04...been doing all types of chemo pretty much non-stop since then, but doing o.k. Presently on fortnightly Doxil, which I had a couple of years ago, and it worked well then, so hoping for good news this time too. I agree with dian and Marie... stay with the 'tried and true' treatments in dealing with this, as it's a lethal type of cancer, and there isn't time to mess around trying out stuff that doesn't work. People will 'hone' in on folks like us, so you need to be aware of that, when looking at alternatives.
I have a Scottish background, and live in Australia. I think it's my tough, keep fighting, 'Scottishnes' that has helped me survive this cancer, as I will never give into it. I have a good quality of life, even while doing chemo, and do what I like to do, eat well, and have fun, so no grizzles here. :-)
I just want to wish your Mum well, and I can be of support to her please mail me at kinloch186 hotmail. Kinloch was where my GGparents were married. :-). Thinking of you and your Mum....hugs...Helen...
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Dian said it better than I could.  When my dad had colon cancer back in the late '70's, he tried all kinds of alternative treatments to no avail.  Unfortunately, science had not evolved enough to help him either.  Hoping for good quality time for you and your mom.
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An honest prognosis is hard to make as it is all based on statistics, and none of want to be a statistic unless we are in that percentage that continues to be able to fight this for years. And that is what all of us are pushing for. I am going on 3 years since being dx at stage 4 and still doing great. The power of the mind is a great tool, but I think it is even greater when combined with a Dr's expertise. If you can believe that you will get better, then it seems to make everything that you go through a little easier to handle.
   I am sure that your Dr will moniter her all along and should the chemo he puts her on, does not seem to be working then he will try something else. If that should happen, try not to worry to much. I have been on chemo non-stop since my dx and when one stops working, I move on to another. We always find something that will at least hold things steady for awhile.
  I wish your mom the best of luck and you hang in there too.
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Thanks again, Think we all agree need the expertise of medical proffession and years of research .  Once again thanks for kind words and my very best wishes to all you brave women.xx
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FOR MOM---------------                                          read the book ,smile at the suggestions, eat well and sensibily.. and then STICK WITH THE CHEMO..
im 1 1/2 years down the pike..ups and downs with ca 125..but doing well at the moment.. i think ive already had 4 different protocols..small problems come along as well, such as swollen ankles..but im trying to deal with all of the above.. i even have 1/2 head of hair.
so good;luck//stay with the program

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just read your honest and inspiring letter..im getting much support from this site..my faith is still with the medics.
.1/3/4 years ago  dx        ..stage four and feeling pretty fine now..

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Thanx, have passed on yourmessage and all the wonderful stories, including yours, to my Mum, continued good luck to you. XX
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