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Radiation Over-CA 125 Up

Hi, just thought I would give you a quick update as where I'm at. I finished 18 treatments of radiation last Friday, right after they did a CA 125. I saw my oncologist today and they did another CA 125 , he said it went really high and they don't know why. I didn't want to know what it was, before I started radiation it was 865. He said maybe the tumor burst that was on my vaginal cuff and that could be the reason. I asked him if that happens to a CA 125 after radiation and he said that he ha seen it do that. I asked him what if the radiation didn't get the tumor; he said we would be looking at cabo/taxol again. There goes my hair. They will do another Pet/Ct scan in 8-10 weeks because the inflammation I have from radiation will show up as hot spots.

Well, the good news is my husband and I are leaving on a vacation Sat. August 15th. We are taking are camper and going out West and staying until the last week of September. We will leaving Pennsylvania and are making a big loop around the US.

I will deal with the cancer then. I have to get on with my life and start living.

I will be thinking of all you while I'm gone and will be checking in on my pc to see how everyone is doing and will be saying prayers to all of you ladies.

Hugs and Prayers, Terry
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Take that trip and enjoy it!  
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Sounds lovely, enjoy the trip Terry!
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Have a great time! And if you're coming out West, you might skip Texas for now. We've had the hottest summer in 50 years. Think it's only a mere 103 or 4 now. Enjoy!
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It never ends does it my friend, enjoy your vacation with hubby, and have lots of wonderful adventures.

I'll be saying a prayer for your good health.
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Inflammation can cause a rise in the CA-125.  Maybe that is the cause of the rise and maybe the CA-125 will go down as the inflammation goes down.
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