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Recommend Dr. Ginger Gardner - Got info in post-op appt also

Had post-op appointment with surgeon yestereday.  Once again, she answered a ton of my questions and was so sweet and reassuring.  I get the impression her surgical skill it also excellent, so if you're near Hopkins and looking for someone I'd recommend her highly.

She did confirm that immune function has some relationship to causing endometriosis and endometriomas, so she thought removing one could potentially have an impact on one's immune process...

I had asked so she also showed me and explained photos of what was inside me and gave me copies.  It's striking to me that the unhealthy (benign) parts actually look like something's wrong instantly even to an untrained eye.  I'm not going to describe more in case it freaks someone out, but if you want to know more, let me know.  

She did emphasize that these types of cysts tend to reoccur, so I should talk with my gyno about hormone/BC pills to reduce any endometrioma & endometrosis (& the fibriod growth).

For those with neuromuscular stuff, the difficulty I had and still am having is probably from regular muscle fatigue post-operatively and with the CFS I'd be more reactive to it.  Which is consistent with motrin helping ease it.

As described here by lots of you, I should expect normal menstrual function, & fertility with one ovary.  It might take a few months for it to settle in.  (I already felt the left side ovulation this month as well as last month, so I suspect I'm going to regular.  Geez, I really thought that ovary would want to take a rest after all this trauma.)
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I am so glad that you are getting the answers that you need.  That should be such a relief.  Your dr. sounds wonderful. Lucky you!!
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I am very curious to learn more about immune functon and endometriosis.  Is she saying that Immune disfunction causes endo or vice versa?
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I'm curious to know too...do you think it's sort of related to auto immune disorders at all? (lupus or hashis?)  Interesting.
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I don't remember exactly how she put it, since she gave me so much info on everything.  It was something like:
It's known that there is an immune component in the developing of endometrosis and endometromias.  So it would seem possible that removing an endometrioma would impact the immune system.  

The second thought is not really a direct result of the first one, but one can hope and in an earlier post I asked about this a few people described having that experience.

What she had to say is consistent with what I had been seeing in my searches.

One doctor at: http://www.infertilityphysician.com/endometriosis/treatment.html describes how it was thought that endometriosis was caused by hormonal issues since it improved during pregnancy.  However, BC pills don't improve it, so it's more likely the changes are from the immune changes during pregnancy.

Another site includes research articles,
one of which concludes that hypothyrodism, fibromyalgia, cfs, autoimmune diseases, allergies and asthma are all significantly more common in women with endometriosis than in women in the general usa population.  Going with my own condition for instance, the rate of CFS in general population is .03%, but in women with endometriosis it's 4.6%.  There's no effort to figure out which is the cause and which the consequence or if they are two consequences from some other system problem.

Are either of you experiencing immune conditions?

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Hmmm...I posted a response a while ago and it never showed up?  I'll try again...I have Hashimoto's disease (which I was told was a type of auto immune disorder), I don't have endometriosis though...so I was curious which came first, the endo or the auto?  Does endo show up on an ultrasound?  Who knows, I might have it and not know?  From what I've read here it's painful though, so I ought to know if I have it or not.  Anyway, I found this information interesting.  Thanks!
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I also had zippo symptoms of endometriosis so I asked a few doctors about that.  The answers "It can be silent.  One spec can cause immense pain, and tons of it can be pain free and found only when in there for something else."  Seemed true when I started researching it too.  I haven't heard of US being at all useful for detecting endometriosis.

I had an endometrioma but only one little spec of endometriosis seen anyplace.  I've seen sites saying that with an endometrioma (4.5cm) it's overwhelmingly likely to be later stages of endometrosis with lots of it, but I didn't see that  consistently enough to call it a fact - and it wasn't true for me.  

My CFS wasn't caused by the cyst.  It was sudden onset.  (One day I jogged 1/2 hour like usual, a couple days later post-virally I could barely walk to the bathroom.  Most of my symptoms are from the NMH anyway.)  I haven't heard a crowd of women with autoimmune conditions (and I've had this for 9 years and been in touch with people for that long) having cysts removed or of having endometrosis.  So I think even if it's more common in autoimmune conditions, it's still not a hugely frequent event or an assumed outcome.  

I would guess that whatever is off balance because of the autoimmune condition causes this to flare up if you are prone to it.  (Or whatever is off balance that causes the autoimmune cause this to flare too.)

Now that it's been a few weeks, I'd say that I feel better with the cyst out, a little lighter, some less discomfort in that area even though I didn't know I had any, maybe a little more energetic.  However, I've had plenty of the CFS symptoms since since the IV wore off, so that hasn't changed.

I have been wondering too, if I'm more prone to more reoccurrance of endo cyst since I have the CFS too...  Oh well, I guess I find out via. US over time.
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