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Recovery from Chemo and anaemia

I am due to have my last (6th) treatment with Carboplatin next Wednesday.  I had a radical hysterectomy on 27th Feb 09 which removed large contained tumours on each of my ovaries, indicated by removal of an enlarged groin lymph node in Dec 08 (stage 3C) .  All the tests indicate the tumours were successfully removed and I have been pretty well throughout.  Scans clear, CA125 down to 5 from 600+ at the op.
I am still active, but my haemoglobin count is down to 9.8.  I've not had any opportunistic infections, hair loss, etc, and have put weight on rather than lost it during chemo.  I've ordered a tropical fruit called 'carao' which is reputed to be a potent remedy for anaemia.  Can you tell me anything about this, and how long will it take my body to get back to not being anaemic normally?  It worries me that there is research that points to chemo anaemia causing breast cancers.
I'm a fit 53 yr old vegetarian who has never had an illness before!
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They told me that the steroids they give you to prevent chemo side effects would make me gain weight -- and I did gain weight.  I wish I had exercised to turn that fat into muscle.  

Please talk with your doctor about your anemia concerns, and please don't take any "potent remedies" without your oncologist's permission.  

Congratulations on completing the six rounds.  I wish you good luck and good health for the future.  
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The chemo does terrible things to our body.  You are so lucky for not losing the hair.  
I don't thnik any one can tell you how long it wil take to have you back to normal since everyone is different.  what i can tell you is I have been out of chemo( i had total 19 cycles) one year and i guess I'm about 70% back.  Just do as best as you can each day and it will be back but does take long long time.

Peace and Love

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