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Rectovaginal septum and Ovarian cyst

I'm 31.  My doctor found a medium size mass in the rectovaginal septum.  She says she's only seen one other patient with that.  I talked to a nurse at Hopkins who says that it is somewhat rare, but she's seen a couple of women walk through with that.  I also have a 5.5 cm cyst on the right side.  No ovary found.  I'm seeing a gynecological oncologist tomorrow for a consult to figure out what to do.  I feel occasional pain with bowel movements, and pain with speculum and vaginal ultrasound, but other than that no pain.  Bleeding after sex before period, but no bleeding at any other time.  My question is....should I be concerned?  Which one should i be more concerned about?  The rectovaginal or the ovarian cyst?
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