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Remove my ovaries or Not?

Hi! I just wanted to get another opinion on my present circumstances. I have been in remission for 2 years.  I had a right breast mastectomy with tram flap reconstruction and did 6 months of chemotherapy. My oncologist has been keeping an eye on my ovaries for the past two years. At present my left ovary measures 6.0x4.1x5.5 cm, it has grown 2cm from my previous sono and also contains multiple cysts including a new 3.2 hypoechoic mass- solid mass. My right ovary is smaller but also has several cysts. My great grandmother died of breast cancer, my maternal aunt has had breast cancer twice and yet another one of my aunt's had uterine cancer. Two weeks ago my great uncle was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  My GYN wants to put me on birthcontrol pills for six weeks then redo the sono and then possibly remove my ovaries.  My oncologist thinks they need to come out now.  I agree with my oncologist. Can anyone offer me any advice? Thanks.
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Get a 2nd opinion from a gynecological oncologist.  They would be more likely to determine the next step since they specialize in cancer.  Best of luck to you.

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I agree 100% with you and your oncologist....get that stuff out ASAP....all that matters is what you and your onc think....
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I agree with you, have it out prevention is always better than cure, good luck! xxxx
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How old are you?  

My good friend who had breast cancer did tamoxifen for 5 years then had her ovaries removed.  When they removed them they found "a few" cancerous cells within the ovaries and told her she was all set, with no need for chemo.  So in her case, removing them was definitely the right thing to do.

When my mom was diagnosed with ovca, my gyn said we would remove my ovaries when I turn 50 or hit menopause, whichever comes first. But this spring I had a scare with some cysts (I'm 43), and now we think they'll come out sooner.

If you're over 40 and done having kids, I'd take them out.
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I agree, go with what your gyn/onc says and have them out.  Your health is a priority.  You need to take care of yourself or you cannot help anyone else.
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I really appreciate all of your comments. I am 41 years old by the way and have three beautiful girls.  I am going to see my oncologist tomorrow.
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