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Right ovarian solid mass 5cm

Hi there,
Just was told via ultrasound that I had a fairly large solid mass by my right ovary.  I was told endometrioma but that I would need to get it removed. CA125 came in at only 9 so I feel better by that.  I am 46 premenopausal so not sure the accuracy of the CA125 results.  Are all endometriomas benign?  I have not had endometriosis so not sure why this happened? I had seen doctors in past YEAR for digestive and colon issues that came in clear and I take Tylenol a lot for leg and back aches.  I also saw a dermatologist for hair growth and acne.  Were any of these side effects for endometriomas? Ovarian cancer?  For any of you ladies? Any insight is welcome.... Please and Thank you!

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Also never been pregnant and my maternal grandmother died of ovarian cancer at age 42.
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I had a 9.5 cm complex ovarian cyst (combination of fluid and solid matter) at age 49. It was benign. But my surgeon removed all my sex organs anyway :( I curse him to this day. I thought endometriomas were always benign. There are other types of solid ovarian tumors that are benign. So hopefully, that is the case for you. Let us know.
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Have you heard back yet?
I was told I had a 4cm endometreoma and when I went to get it surgically removed it was actually a borderline ovarian cancer. I don't understand how they could have gotten it so wrong?
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