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Risk of loosing both ovaries egg retrieval

Hi guys, I want to know if anyone has been in a similar situation/has any advice.
I am 24 and less than a year ago I had a 17cm teratoma removed along with my left ovary and the fallopian tube, along with a 5cm teratoma on my right ovary. They told me i shouldn't get another one. A month ago they found 3 new 2cm teratomas on my right ovary (from the testing they had grown to that size in less than 4 mths). The surgeon has told me to do egg retrial before he operates, because he can't see any ovarian tissue and thinks I will loose the right ovary. Has anyone had this happen? What am I doing wrong that they've come back? I don't have a partner so i can't freeze embryos just eggs- which are not very viable. I am worried that leaving it to do egg retrieval is going to let them grow bigger and then I will have no ovaries. And does anyone have advice on facing infertility at 24? And then i guess also menopause at 24....
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I am the only one on this forum right now. If you want children egg retrieval is your only choice. You just have bad luck you did not do anything wrong. It is unfair you have to make such choices. Because I carry the BRCA gene and MS I never wanted to pass them to children so I had none. Menopause is different for every woman. If you have problems I can make suggestions.
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Thanks for your response, I guess yeah maybe it's just bad luck.
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