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Round hard pea size nodule under my skin left of laparotomy incision

hello everyone.
I'm about 8 weeks post-op lapartomy.  Today i woke up and have had a lot of acute pain to the right of my incision.  The pain occurs when I move.  While I was trying to kind of rub my stomach and figure out what was going on - I found a HARD round lump to the left of my incision.  It feels like a frozen pea.  Has anyone else found anything like this?  I was wondering if it was just scar tissue forming and if that is what is causing the pain on the right side of my stomach. I did take a 2 week trip to Italy around 5 weeks post op.  I did more than I probably should have and did do 2 weddings (flowers) between my surgery and trip.  I'm wondering if I could have done too much and now I'm getting a hernia?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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A small, "pea-sized" nodule under the skin is most often a lipoma.  A lipoma is a   fatty tumor, and I cannot ever recall reading or hearing of a malignant lipoma, so it is most likely benign.  A dermatologist can easily inspect and either biopsy or remove this nodule.
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would it come about as a result of my surgery?
i didn't have it before my surgery.
well, that's good news - it isn't a big deal.
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I had something similar after my TAH.  The scar was a pretty good length running from above and around my belly button to just above my pubic bone.  There were several 'bumps' along the length of the scar.  I don't have much belly fat so I could see and feel them when I lay flat on my back.  They turned out to be ligatures and one actually had to be cut out.  I still have the piece which is about 3/4 of on inch long.  My understanding is that they normally lay flat and don't cause any trouble.  In my case they popped up.  Have your surgeon take a look the bump just to be sure everything is okay.  Hope this helps.
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My 6 month old daughter has the same type bump on the inside of her left hand, right on the index finger bone. It feels just like a BB. Is this the same thing?
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