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SECOND Large Chocolate Cyst, Extreme Pain, Is Removal of 1 Ovary Necessary?

I'm 28 and was on 3 rounds of Clomid about 6 months ago. I've had intermittant abdominal pain since then. I had a chocolate cyst on my right ovary (6.5cm) removed via laparotomy at the end of November. The cyst was covering my entire ovary so the doctor opted to drain it, cut a hole, and place 'baseball' stitches in the cyst tissue so it wouldn't fill up again.

I had a menstrual cycle about 3 weeks after the surgery. Since then, I've had abdominal pain (the worst was on day 5 of my cycle).

It's been almost 5 weeks since the surgery and on New Year's Eve I went to the ER in extreme pain (I would have taken a painkiller but I ran out). I now have another cyst (or possibly the same?) on the same (right) ovary. It's over 7cm. I met with the doctor today and the options are to either remove the offending ovary or wait and see if it goes down. He said it's not endometriosis and probably not cancer. I'm still concerned though. Has anyone had a similar problem? I still want to have children and I'm only 28. What are the chances that I will get another cyst on my other ovary??
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I had a large chocolate cyst plus ovary removed recently.  However, my cyst was an endometrioma.  I was told to talk to my doctor about a low dose of birth control to keep the endometriosis from coming back.  However, you said your cyst was not related to endometriosis so I'm not sure if birth control will help.  If your not taking them now it wouldn't hurt to mention it to the doctor.
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How do you know that it is a chocolate Cyst... The reason I ask is because I have been having several different problems but since last friday I have been in a lot of pain and now I have bleeding but the blood is really dark... Almost black... I am nausea and rally hurt... At first I thought that maybe I had started my period but I have been wearing pads just so I can see what is going on and I am not flowing bad more just when I go to the bathroom and wipe... Sorry if this is gross but my husband as great as he is gets really grossed out... I am just really concerned... I do have an appt with the doc tomorrow...

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very dark blood is something that needs attention, it usually suggests old pooled blood.  You might suggest some blood work to see what your hemoglobin count is.
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What would the blood work show..? I have been having the pain for a few months have had two vaginal US one shows cyst next shows no cyst... I have had a biobsy for Fibroids neg... My doctor has been on vacation for over a month... Up tell a few months ago I was very regular.. About every 4 weeks no problems the only system was that my breast would get sore... I had a normal one on Oct 10th then another on Nov 2nd... Very normal... But then the bleeding started just when ever... I could be standing there and it would start... Bright red... Well that has stopped... I had what I think was a period on the 11th of december but very different... I started one day then stopped then started again then stopped and spotted for a couple of days... Then on the 23rd I had dirreha and lots of pain that got a little better and now since Friday I have been hurting... My sister got married sunday and I had drank probable to much and over did it with dancing... and now yesterday I started bleeding the really dark blood... Like I said not bad just for the most part when I go to the bathroom... No clots... And today I am nausea... I am 39 with three almost grown kids and no past medical problems...
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If you had a cyst, it may have ruptured.  This would cause severe pain.  You need to seek medical attention and find the true cause.  
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I have an appt for tomorrow... I have had this appt for awhile.. Should I wait or see someone today...? Thank you for your help...
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sounds like tomorrow will be okay  get some answers though  be pro active  it sounds like you do have some thing going on
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Thanks everyone. It's a little hard to figure out who's comments are directed towards me. lol

My doctor told me the last cyst I had was a chocolate cyst...I'm just assuming it's a chocolate cyst this time as well.

I've decided to go with the surgery to remove my right ovary along with the cyst. I just hope I don't start getting cysts on my left ovary!! :-(
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I am 29,married, and have been diagnosed with a 7cm chocolate cyst. I dont want surgery so they aspirated it and gave me two months to get pregnant( as it has the same effect as birth control pill- supress mensuratin). I tried and didnt succeed and to top that the cyst came back so now I am going for accupunture hoping it will resolve this. Its very frustrating when you are trying to get pregnant with a cyst as both have similar symptoms( backache, nausea etc). Is there anyone else who is on the same path because I am really having a hard time emotionally.
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