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My 20 year old daughter has recently had a 8x6 inch  small cell tumour removed from her ovary, .  Please e-mail me, if anyone has any advice or information about small cell ovarian cancer, and maybe the treatment they are on that may give some hope to beat this terrible disease.  My e-mail is wild_poppy_uk***@****  Please head the e-mail with small cell ovarian cancer or i might delete if i don't recognise the name.  Thankyou so much. TKH1
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Dear Friend: My daughter was 25 when she had a cantelope sized tumor removed that turned out to be small cell ovarian cancer of the hypercalcemic type.  It took three weeks to confirm the findings and chemo began about a week afterward.  The chemo sessions lasted about 18 weeks followed by targeted radiation treatments for about 12 weeks.  The targeted radiation was an attempt to preserve fertility.  After treatments there were no signs of the cancer from blood tests and tests from an abdominal cavity wash.  My daughter returned to her regular life and within 60 days symptoms recurred and the tumors had spread to her lungs, liver and kidney area. Our battle came to a sad ending 4 weeks ago, 13 months after diagnosis. Her cancer was stage 1C when the tumor was removed.  Even though the survival rate of this cancer is grim we believe an earlier diagnosis and more intense radiation treatment without trying to preserve fertility could have made a difference.  Also, we think a longer radiation treatment could have killed the microscopic cells lingering after the first round of treatments. Regardless, this is a very agressive form of cancer and requires an agressive attack plan...don't let up even if it looks like it's under control.  As you probably have already found out there is not much info. regarding this specific cancer...as a result of my daughters experience we are preparing to change that and develope a resource for people facing this cancer.  As time goes on hopefully awareness and treatments for this cancer will give our young women in their prime a better chance of detection and survial.  You are in my prayers and I will help however I can.

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Small cell ovarian cancer I believe fall under the catagory of Borderline ovarian tumors, and depending on what the pathology report says will depend on the course of treatment. Removal of the mass and staging is done just as if they would do for any of the ovarian cancers. You should find out if they did a mitotic rate index on the path report. A high mitotic rate can mean a more agressive form . But I also believe these cancers have a high rate of long term survival. You should get copies of all reports and discuss in depth with your GYN/Oncologist>
I wish you al the best
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