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Septations and nodularity in Ovarian Tumor

My OBGYN found a 5.7x5.7x5.0 ovarian tumor on my R ovary.  By MRI is has nodularities and septations which are causing her to refer me to a GYN Oncologist.  I am looking for info about what the nodularities mean and the likleyhood that they denote the tumor being cancer vs begnin.  Thanks for any website or article referrals. Happybabs
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Glad your OB/GYN is being proactive.  A couple of things to remember, GYN/Oncologists treat many benign conditions, they are experts with 3 years additional training, also, they do not spend a big chunk of their time on obstetrics.    Ovarian Cancer is a very rare disease.   Most ovarian cysts are benign.  Ovarian cancer can only be diagnosed through a biopsy.
The best thing to do is try to relax, and wait for the answers before panicing or even before researching....once you know what is going on, there is time to worry, if necessary.
Let us know how your appointment goes.
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Saw the Oncologist yesterday and am scheduled for a da Vinci laproscopic total hysterectomy on May 1st.  Dr. Saffari was much more positive about the chances for benign tumor (50/50) and I am very happy to know that as long as it is benign or borderline they can complete the procedure laproscopically.  Happybabs
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