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September: Take a Stand

    September will be here before we know it along with National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.
A few days ago I ran across something that really disturbed me. I have been recieving Womens Day magazine for quite some time now. I recently recieved my Sept. issue with a subscription renewal notice. I sat down and began reading the magazine, and by the time I finished, I had made up my mind that i would not renew my subscription. I found 2 advertisements regarding breast cancer for figurines that stated the proceeds would go towards the fight against breast cancer. Not one place in the magazine did I see even one mention of Ovarian cancer. Come on! This is a womens magazine with a large section devoted to womens health. So I sat down and sent an e-mail to the editor explaining that I would not be renewing my subscription and why.
  Though small, it is still a step. I ask that all of you that recieve womens magazines take a close look at the Sept issue and if there is no mention of ovarian cancer, take that one small step. Send an e-mail to the editor and ask that your subscription be cancelled and explain why. Maybe if enough of us let them know how we feel and they begin to lose a little of their precious revenue, they will begin to recognise how important it is that ovarian cancer be made aware of.
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This is a good idea.  Magazines are hurting for subscribers anyway. This might give them the hint they need to step it up for us.  Marie
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Excellent idea....We really need to get the word out....It may be small step for one but a giant leap for a small army of us........I am with you....

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Wonderful idea ... I'll pass it along to my friends who don't have OVCA, but are my friends and support me in any way they can.  Judy
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I am appalled at this! September is OVCA awareness and not one article about it! I too will be on the look out for more articles regarding this horrific disease......Gia
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Back in July, beginning of August  there were several posts regarding TEAL SEPTEMBER.....awareness saves lives and increases research dollars. Yes, we should scrutinize  Sept media/publications carefully and take a stand.WITHE
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I love the tv series Army Wives. They have also made a big deal out of breast  cancer, even a giveaway mustang.  I wish we could all make the public more aware of ovca. Thanks for writing your mag. I don't subscribe so I can't cancel anything.  Sherry
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so true...this is now apart of my life & I was upset (still am) about not enough awareness for Endometriosis as I am a sufferer...

I will be wearing teal in Sept....and spreading the word about Womens day...that is sad!
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