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Severe Back Pain

My mom has been fighting OC for over a year and has been on non-stop chemo/treatment since Aug 29, 2008.  Anyway, she is currently on Avastin and her numbers are slowly decreasing (but still at ca 1200).  Anyway since about mid-June she periodically gets SEVERE back pain.  They have done scans, mri, and they look pretty clear.  It hits her hard for 3 - 7 days and then recedes.  She is currently in another round.  Is this normal and a sign of disease progression?  Is the only thing that can be done is pain management?  Despite disease progression, she has tolerated treatment well and is in generally really good health.  She is having a hard time accepting everything the cancer throws at her and HATES to take meds and painkillers.  Is it going to get to a point that she has to take daily pain killers just to tolerate the pain.  I really have no idea what to expect.  I'm not super hopeful for remission at this point, but I guess it is possible.  Who knows.  Should I brace myself for a new level of pain and struggling for my mom?  I can't tell you how p*ssed off this all makes me.  I am so angry watching what this unbeleivable disease is doing to my beautiful, life loving, mom.  And to all of you in this community.  It is just so wrong.
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Maybe they could give her the Fentanyl patch for pain.  You stick it on your arm.
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Just a question to throw out there - is her doctor checking her kidneys regularly?  Chances are it's a side effect of chemo, but kidney issues can sometimes cause pain in the back.  Does she have shots of Neulasta or Neupogen for her white blood cell count?  That also causes bone pain for some.  I admire your mother's determination, but pain management doesn't mean she is weak by any means.  In fact, for all she's been through, she's a super hero!  Even if remission doesn't happen, perhaps she can become stable.  I think all of us were blindsided by the fact this is something we will fight for the rest of our lives in one way or another.  I also know what it does to my loved ones.  It is completely normal that you are angry.  Those of us on this forum cannot make it go away, but we can travel this journey with you and your mom and offer a shoulder when you need it, and a place to vent whenever you want.  Best wishes to both you and mom.

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