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Sharp Shooting Pains in Ovary Area

Yes, I also had both fallopian tubes removed 6 months ago, due to previous problems, by laproscopy.  It was my second laproscopy procedure, and I had also had a utopian pregnancy some yrs before.

6 months after removal the pain with my period is so very intense.  I take 2 types of anti inflammatory at once (the dosage recommended after my operation only) as one dosage won't remove the pain.  I find I have 3 types of pain at once now.  The pain dosage helps with two types, if I also use a hot water bottle and meditate.  The third type is so intense (dare i say it worse than the pain i had with the utopian pregnancy? and worse than i felt immediately after the operation where the 3 incisions were made, and tubes removed).  I was screaming out, and it lasted 5-15 seconds per time.  It came every few minutes, or intermittently.
Combined with this the previous spotting between periods is cured by the operation, but I am now basically immobilised for 3 days with my period due to intense pain (used to be for 1-2 days only), bleeding clotting, and most blood on first day - wants to all come out at once.  My period is even one day shorter than it used to be - used to be four days, now its only 3.  I hope this shooting pain won't continue.
I have had a brief exam where it is suggested that I may have adhesions.
Just wanted to say this intense pain may actually be the body adjusting after laproscopy surgery to remove some parts of ovary/fallopian.  I have also felt this symptom like other posters have, which is why i replied.  Maybe this abnormal pain is in some way "normal" or at least common or usual -
but please note i didn't experience it until 4-6 months after my operation, before that i had pain, and my period was shorter, but not like this intense pain.

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As I was reading your post, I thought to myself, "Sounds like adhesions to me." Then in  your post I saw the word, "Adhesions."

I have information on adhesions (I suffered greatly about four months after my radical hysterecomty in 2000 and the pain was so much like you explained....it got worse and in less than a year much of my pain was intestinal since the adhesions had worked their way over to my colon and were colapsing it).

Either click on my name to go to my profile and then look for my journal article on adhesions or go to the top right area of this forum and look for "Health Pages." Click on that and then scroll down to "Relief for Surgical Adhesions," which is the same article. Certainly talk with your doctor before embarking on this intense massage treatment, but I will say it changed my life completely. I've been adhesion-free for years now.

Good luck to you... If they are adhesions, I can honestly say I understand your pain.

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