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Shooting hot pain in left ovary area that radiates down leg

Was wondering if this is from polycystic ovarian disease....I get pains(hot stabbing) in my left ovarian region...this pain runs down to about the left knee as well as it hurting in the lower lefthand region of my back. What causes this? Has anyone ever heard of this, as it goes away in about a half hour to hour. It will have you doubled over an sweating while praying for relief. I did notice if you squeeze hard on your side really hard it will give you temporary a different sort of pain that is a little more manageable...
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Although nothing's impossible, based on what you said it doesn't sound like you have PCOD. Women with PCOD typically have irregular menstrual periods, elevated androgen levels (excessive hair growth of the face, etc), and are often overweight. Given the information you provided, I'm not sure what exactly it is either but there clearly seems to be some nervous involvement (radiating pain).

Chris (Medical Student)
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If it were me I would tell my Doctor. I can't guess what it is but it sounds painful. I use to have pain when I ovulated. Sometimes I would be doubled over. In my case a medication was causing issues with my ovaries. I got off the medication and the pain went away.


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