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Should I be worried about possible cancer?

The symptoms I've been experiencing began somewhere around 8 months ago, but not each symptom at the same time - after some time another starts and is added to the list.
So far, my symptoms include:
No appetite (rare that I get a hunger pang); heartburn/indigestion (pretty much after anything I eat); gas; bloating 24/7 (I am overweight, but abdomen is distended more than it should be for my size); pelvic pain on the right side; leg pain on the right side; lower back pain; leg swelling; urine urgency (have had one 'full' accident, and several partial); recently developed mild on & off nausea; recently began having some pressure in pelvic area; extreme pain before needing to have a BM - there are a few others, but these are the main ones am concerned with.
I will be 30 in a few months. Have had a history of cysts, gallstones, several abnormal PAP smears (first abnormal at 17 yrs old) - 2014 PAP resulted in a colposcopy & biopsy; have high risk HPV. Have had upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy in 2014 - Dr did not see anything abnormal. Had a tubal ligation in Dec 2013. Have gained about 30 pounds in the last year.
Have a family history of female cancer: maternal grandmother had breast cancer, which then spread to the bones -she died not long after turning 49 yrs old. Her sister died of ovarian cancer - not sure of her age. My mother had cervical cancer - first diagnosed around 30-31 yrs old, and then a recurrence. She died at 35 yrs old. Paternal great-aunt had breast cancer. Not much else is known on paternal side due to family not really communicating.
I would really appreciate people's opinion on this. I haven't had health insurance for over a year and have a limited income, so I've been hesitant to go. Also, scared as to what it could be.
Thank you in advance,
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You lose weight with ovarian cancer. Can you go to planned parenthood for a gyn exam and possible ultrasound? That is all I can suggest. It is going to take a doctor to sort out your symptoms. Ovarian Cancer is very rare in a woman your age. It is easy to go to the worst case scenario but it does you no good. Sorry I have nothing else to offer medically.

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