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Side affects of a removed ovary?

Hi All. I'm having my 'massive- mass' removed tomorrow and I'm curious to learn what side effects I'll experience as the result of only having 1 functioning ovary. I should have posed this question to my Dr. but failed to do so last week.
Thanks for any guidance, suggestions, advice.
God Bless
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I am 49, had an ovary removed in my late teens.  I didn't have any major affects from the removal of my ovary at that time, and it functioned fine.  Cycles took a little while to resume normally, but I had three children with the one ovary, no problem.
Fifteen years ago I had a tubal and subsequently started having "issues"...
I suppose your age could have some bearing on it...
Best of luck to you....

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Oh yes AJ, I had a tubal pregnancy at age 24 and now im 46. I have had 4 children since then and two miscarriages. I had normal periods and no apparent hormonal problems...Maybe this cyst is from that tubal. But up til now I didnt have any problems..
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