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Side effects of ovary removal

In october last year i had one of my ovaries removed CA125 was nomal but had a large cyst.
Since then life hasn't been the same, one minute tears, next laughing, am only getting a period every other month.
has anyone else had the same symptons
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Since no one has posted for you yet, I'll TRY to give a little advice. I don't have your symptoms...I had a full hysterectomy with my tumor removal.....It sounds, however, that your hormones are out of whack. The best advice I can give is for you to make a gynocologist appointment. From what I know (and that's not a lot), I think you should get your period every month even with one ovary removed (your body compensates). The emotional issues (crying/laughing jags and such) sound a lot like someone going through menopause. Of course, you are Not going through menopause. Therefore, I think you really need to give the doc a call. That's the only way to get to the bottom of this. Oh, I just happened to think.....are you old enough to be going through menopause? That would explain some of your isssues. Anyway, hope I was of a little help. Take care, and call your doctor.

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I'm going to "second" Shari on this. So much depends on your age. Years ago I had many friends that had only 1 ovary removed and it was my understanding that the other one does compensate. I don't recall hearing any of them having the problems you are experiencing. However, if you are anywhere near Menopause, that may significantly change things.. Is this the case?

I believe a simple blood test can tell what your hormones are up to.. I remember getting those (blood tests) when nearing menopause.. But , def. talk to your doctor.. preferably your Gyn...

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I agree, it sounds like your hormones may be out of whack. But I don't agree that the blood tests will show whether you're headed for menopause. I kept telling my doctor about my changes in monthlies, emotions, hot flashes, insomnia. I was sure I was headed for menopause. She kept doing the blood tests and told me I was doing just fine, no changes. One visit I assured her I was getting close, blood work said I was normal. Within that year I had my last period. I wonder if the blood test only works during certain times of the crazy cycles during perimenopause. Anyway, it's a good idea to check with your doctor.
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thank you for your replies,  I am 38 so not really near the age for menupause,

went to the gp and all she did was recommend prozac,  Have an appoint with gyni guy for 4 weeks timne so hopefully will get some answers,

many thank
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