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Side effects of vaginal discharge after cryosurgery

I'm 26 and had cervical cryosurgery almost 2 weeks ago. I knew I'd be experiencing vaginal discharge since this is my second cryo in 4 years. But this time I had way more discharge than last time and had to constantly change my pads. And because of the discharge I've devolved a rash on my libia majora and I have a painful itch. Is there a cream I can safely use to lessen the rash? Or does it sound like an infection? I've been using anti-itch cream and A+D ointment but neither seem to help.
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Sounds like you need to talk to the Gynecologist. I bled for six months after my surgery then I just stopped. I got rashes from feminine protection. The dry weave and I did not get along. I use something called Lantiseptic.

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