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Sloan-Kettering Gyn. Oncologist

Happy New Year everyone,
A friend of mine just told me his sister has ovarian cancer and most likely she will be going to sloane-kettering for a second opinion. I know she has already had surgery, so the second opinion is for treatment options. My friend asked if I had read or heard anything about the doctors there. I told him I would put a post on this message board and ask you ladies what you thought about the care and doctors at Sloan-Kettering. If anyone has a Gyn. Oncologists they would recommend there, please send me a note.
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Excellent care. Had both my surgery and chemo there, do q 3 month follow up currently, NED. Yukio Sonoda MD is my surgeon 212 639 6450; Michele Boyer is my onocologist. They round every case weekly, which is great!!
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I am an OVCA, grade 4B lady who's just started my third kind of chemo, Gemzar, and never had a remission.
I'm seeing a medical oncologist/hematologist  who I have faith in, and was highly recommended by my excellent GYN/ONC surgeon, I've wondered what a major medical center like Sloan Kettering would offer me that he doesn't. My blood is tested pre chemo at every treatment, and CA and CBC done monthly

Since he and his colleagues deal with cancer patients other than only  OVCA, I was told that they'd more able to treat the cancer spread to other organs, and have a more favorable knowledge of chemo drugs on those organs.

I get a call back in 20 minutes, day or night if I call with a serious concern, or side effect issue and it one of the oncologists in the practice calling.

I guess it's what each cancer patient is most comfortable with, but that nagging thought is always in my mind. Would a major center be more up on, or have access to new treatments or chemo drugs.

Congratulations on being NED, that's wonderful.
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