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Solid Mass Found - Referred to Oncologist

Hi everyone - I'm 33 years old, and I have PCOS, irregular periods and my gyno suspects endo. I went to see my doctor because I started bleeding, and didn't stop for 37 days. Some days heavy, some days light, some days brown, but everyday for 37 days, I bled. He performed an ultrasound, and found a solid mass on my left ovary. In the past, my cysts have always been fluid-filled, complex or hemorrhagic. My doctor said that this mass was not there during my previous ultrasound, which was 9 months before. At that ultrasound, my CA-125 was 38. Now, it's 55. He told me that he wasn't "super worried" about it, but then referred me to a gynecological oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic, and said that I needed to be seen within a week or two. He may not be super worried, but I sure am! I have every, single symptom of ovarian cancer. Bloating when I eat ANYTHING (to the point that sometimes I can't button my jeans), horrible indigestion and heartburn (even though I already take prescription strength Prilosec everyday), bowel changes, bladder changes, etc. The bloating and indigestion is so bad that my family doctor ordered an upper endoscopy, because he thought it had to do with my stomach, but it was normal. My oncology appt isn't until the 26th, and it's all I can think about. I just wanted to see if anyone has been through anything similar, or if anyone had any advice, suggestions, thoughts? I'd appreciate any help I could get. Thanks!
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GYN/ Oncologists are good for complex surgeries not necessarily Cancer. If there is any chance of Cancer they do not want to have the Ovary leak inside you.They were sure mine was Cancer, they had me to the Oncologist the next day and in surgery in two more days. I could not eat with Ovarian Cancer. I lost a lot of weight. I threw everything up including liquids.I was under weight with a distended belly.

I was scared to death. Only 2% get Ovarian Cancer and I got it. Only thing I would have changed was getting a second opinion.

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I am sorry you are going through this! To echo HVAC's comments, it is good that your doctor has referred you to an oncologist even though your chances of ovarian cancer are probably very low (you did not mention if you have a family history of it). Also, masses (benign or cancerous) can press on other organs and cause symptoms similar to ovarian cancer. Don't worry too much about the CA-125 test; it is not accurate in diagnosing ovarian cancer.

I had a 9.5cm suspicious looking ovarian cyst. My gynecologist over-treated me. He should have removed just the cyst or the one ovary but instead he removed all my sex organs (uterus, ovaries, tubes). The standard is to do a frozen section of the mass while you are in the operating room (which my gyn did). If that comes back benign, then you shouldn't need to lose any organs (except maybe the one ovary).    
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