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Solid Mass found on CT

I am 33yrs old.  In Jan I had a mucinous cystanoma removed.  I had to find the right Dr to remove it, it had been in me for almost 3yrs and everyone else wanted to do watchful waiting because I am young and am not high risk.  I am now 3mo post op and had to go back to my pcp for nausea, fatigue, back pain, flank pain, bloating, swelling of ankles and today pelvic pain and vomiting started.  My PCP did blood work and ordered a CT which showed a 4cm solid cystic mass with blood.  I already have a appointment with my GYNO tomorrow but I am very anxious.  Is there any way I should be worried that something was missed or while this is still fairly small it could only have been there 3 months tops so should I be worried that is is a rapid growth tumor?  I am not asking for medical advise, I just need to know someone else has been in my shoes and either I am freaking way to much or that it is okay to be freaking because even thought it may be okay I should have myself prepared in case it isn't.  
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