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Solid vs Liquid Mass

I am 30 and have been having my symptoms for over 3 years now.  A feeling of pressure bloating in my uterus area, 14 to 15 periods a year, painful intercourse and sometimes bleeding, the pain usually lasts a couple of days,  but the pressure is always there. Short notice when having to urinate. Now it is lasted almost 2 weeks and I have pain shooting down my leg off and on.

My mothers womb fell at age 28 my grandmothers fell at age 21 and all 4 of her sister wombs had to removed at a early age as well as all mentioned had ovarian cysts too...  

Here is the tricky part... We only have insurance when my husband gets activated (Airforce) over 30 days at a time and this past week they finally did a pelvic ultrasound and found a "Mass" with no evidence of FREE liquid?  Our insurance will run out July 30th AGAIN!!!  

My questions are what are the dangers of liquid vs. solid masses...   And is there a slim chance that a Dr. that has never seen me before will go ahead and remove my uterus and that one ovary before the 30th???  It seems I am destined to have a hysterectomy and I can not take the pain anymore!!!  What are your thoughts?  And what could I say to the Dr. to convince him while he is in there to take it all...  I don't want anymore kids anyway...
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Free liquid doesn't refer to the mass, it refers to the absence of free-fluid in your pelvis which is a good sign.

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I dont know what it is like in the states but certainly in the UK a complete hysterectomy with no immidiate health risk would be out of the question. I have a 32 year old friend who is trying like stink to get a hyterectomy due to many of the problems you have described and they just wont do it. I am angry for her becuse its what she wants and it is HER body.

Having a hyterectomy has more implications that just not wanting any more children though. There are other health risks involved which you should look into carefully before deciding.

In respect of the time scale I think it is generally about a month between initial dx and surgery so you might just get in there. I would imagine it is very much dependant upon how serious the cyst looks, its size and other characteristics. If they have decided it needs to come out they generally dont hang about but if its a simple small cyst they may prefere to watch and wait!

Anna x
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ps what on earth are you doing on here. My watch says 1 oclock which is 8 where you are (dont know what time you left the message) but you should be in surgery right now. Im thinking about you girl

Anna x
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I got back from the Dr. a couple of days ago.. Sorry it has taking me so long to write back.  They have scheduled surgery and they are going to do a partial hysterectomy leaving one ovary...  I am sooo glad that the Dr understood my situation and family history and all..  The first appointment he could get me is Aug. 15th..  But if there is a cancellation he will get to me sooner...  There is a light at the end of my tunnel :)
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