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Sonie...question for ya!!

Hey Sonie, how you feeling today sweetie?  I was just wondering about something...do you have steri-strips on your incision?  I do and mine seems to be separating now all of the sudden even with the strips on.  Looks very red and irritated, especially around the belly button (I had a vertical incision from about 3 inches above the navel down to my pubic region)  It also started bleeding a bit today.  Is that normal??????????  Hope you feel better soon girl!!  Luv ya, sis..........Dawn
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hey there girl....i had the steri-strips,the last of them fell off last night after my shower...they told me some"oozing"is normal..but never said anything about blood...my doc told me today,if its red,or irritated,thats cause for alarm as that can be infetion,and he said infection like that can turn sepsis(as someone on here also mentioned(love you ladies),and it can go throughout your whole system..how does it look?is it seperting very bad..on one part,or the whole thing??mine started seperating before the steri strips were even falling off,and mine is very red also..please call your doc like i did...you dont want infection this soon...i think i would feel better if it wernt for this,and this place on the right side of my abdomin,which now not only had a lump,but a pea size knot just below it also...this whole process is just so long...i wish i felt better...i actually just feel like i have the flu,although,its a bit different,if that makes any sense at all...but yea,if its seperating,and red,irritated,and bleeding,you definatly HAVE to call your doctor right away...can you can the doctor on call tonight????all docs have a answering service,so,just to be on the safe side,id call and just ask...better be safe than sorry girlie.....hope this helps you...sonie..oh also...mine is oozing,however,its not blood..so please call
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Sonie is right, please call your dr. ASAP!!!!  You need to have this checked out.  I am praying for you and sending you a hug.
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Hi goils.  You didn't ask me but I am offering in my nature as a nurse and caring sister.  :)  Sonie, glad you got it checked out and taken care of.  You should be feeling better soon.  Knots and lumps could indicate a hernia which is when your guts poke through a hole made during surgery that has not healed properly on the inside.  THe potential of the same for Bluesgrl, so don't lift anything or bearn down (as if pushing during labor) until that incision is CLOSED up.  Bleeding is no good either, you may have popped a stith on the inside.  I'm glad you're going to the doc in the am.  Have a better night.
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