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Sono Results-Doctor has not call back

I had a TransAbdominal and Tranvaginal Pelvic Sono due to back pain, abdominal swelling, and lower abdominal pain. The diagnosis returned indicating slightly enlarged uterus, 3 large fibroids with one that is pedunculated. The sono showed fluid in the ovaries. My doctor rec'd the results and I cant seem to get her to call back. My pain is escalating and I am suffering a great deal with indigestion, nauseau and frequent urination. I am assuming my results arent life threatening because she hasnt called back. Am I safe waiting on a response from my gyno or speak with another doctor? I have the x-rays.

Your advice is needed if one is warranted.


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Dear Helen,

You should set up a follow up appointment with your doctor to review the results of the ultrasound and also to follow up about how you are feeling.

if you feel that your pain is escalating and intolerable, you should go to the emergency room for an immediate evalaution. Fibroids usually do not cause pain except for one situation where a fibroid loses its blood supply and "infarcts" (dies). That is very painful but it is transient pain that improves in a few days.
Other causes of urgent pain include appendicitis, perforated ulcer, intestinal obstruction. Those requires immediate attention.
take care
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