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Spleen removal

Can anyone tell me what to expect after spleen removal?  I am stage 3c grade 3. Dx 12/04. Doctors saw two small nodules underneath (but not attached to my spleen).  It's in a difficult spot so they want to remove my spleen.  I have also 2 small nodules in my left pelvis.  I am concerned about immunity problems afterwards.  I will be following the surgery with carbo/taxol.  Any info. would be appreciated.
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When we were about 16 a friend of mine was stage 3 Hodgkins....they removed her spleen...that was 30 years ago....does she tend to have a slightly lower resistance, yes, but, for the most part she has lived a normal healthy life, including giving birth to two beautiful healthy children.  Her surgery was also followed by chemo, again, it was 30  years ago but....she survived...medicine has improved a lot since then.

Good luck, keep us posted.

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I had my spleen removed too in 11/06 also dx3c ovca.  I have had several vaccins ( will find out what they are and leave note for u) to prevent infections. Very lucky no infection so far with all the chemos.  I've found that I usually have high counts of white cells and platelet ( becuase disposal rate decreas without spleen)  The following is what I have found on google hope it helps.
Sometimes part or all of the spleen must be removed. If only part of the spleen is removed, it may regenerate. If all is removed it won’t regenerate but many functions are taken over by other organs. Absence of the spleen increases the risk of serious infection and a series of three vaccinations are given to prevent bacterial infections of the lungs, brain lining, ear, or other organs. Children and infants without a spleen need to take antibiotics daily but adults do not need to. Adults need to see their doctor any time they have a fever and they are especially susceptible to serious infections from dog bites or scratches and from tick bites. There is also increased risk of septicemia. Everyone who has had a spleen removed should wear a medic alert bracelet.

Best wish

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I had my spleen removed last April, worried myself sick over what would happen once it had gone, and haven't had any problems whatsoever! I can't really add much to what Jun has said.

I had menningicoccal, haemophillus and influenza vaccines before surgery (can be given before or after surgery) I'm on Penicillin V for life (varies between doctors, some have 2 years antibiotics, some have none) and have extra antibiotics from my GP if I'm going to go abroard to take with me in case of infection while I'm away from home. I've had problems with platlets counts increasing dramatically after each surgery I've had and needed anti-coagulant injections daily for 2 months after surgery and Aspirin until they platlets have come down.

I've not had any infections post-surgery. I work as a nurse and II've tried to be a bit more vigilant when around infections. Life is much the same without a spleen for me.

Good luck

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I do not have OVCA but I did have my spleen removed 22 years ago due to a blood disorder called ITP (platelet disorder).  Having my spleen removed cured me of the disease and I have not had any problems without it.  I do get kidney infections every so often and have to take antibiotics and I have a vaccination for pneumonia every 5 years.  I also can never take aspirin as it reduces platelet count.  Other than that, I have not had any problems.  I don't, however, know what it mean for someone with OVCA to have their spleen removed but I can tell you that other than the minor kidney infections, I have had no other infections.
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Just remembered I had pneumonia vaccine too, and flu inj annually. The doctors told me I had to be careful with dental problems as the infection could be a big risk. I've had a couple of colds since but no worse than usual. I have appendix cancer and pseduomyxoma peritonei and have had introperitoneal heated chem during surgery twice but no systemic chemo.
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Thanks for the info.  I was really stressed.
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Thanks for the info.
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