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Stage 1A ovarian cancer

I was dx w ovarian ca 2 years ago-Stage 1A.  Had hysterectomy and debulking surgery but did not have any chemotherapy.  I was told I do not need it.  The cancer was encapsulated.  The ovary was 14 cm.  Is it standard procedure to do chemo after surgery if the cancer is 1A
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Each case is different. I guess with 1A and it being encapsulated they felt you did not need Chemo. It is amazing they caught it in stage 1A. Most is caught in stage III or IV then you have to do chemo.

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I was stage 1A, Clear Cell, I had 6 cycles of chemo though.  My cancer did return almost 4 1/2 years later.  My cyst was 28 cm, and was encapsulated as well.  I would, as a precaution, get your surgurical notes, and your complete pathology reports (did you have your surgery done by a gyn/oncologist?) and get another oppinion, and if your surgery wasn't done by a gyn/oncologist, I would seek one.  Ovarian Cancer is something not to take lightly (not that you are), and you will only get right once-

Best of luck to you.
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I was stage 1A, that was in 2000, I did not have chemo.  Standard protocol for chemo is 1C and higher, but, that also depends on the grade and type.  

The lower the stage the less chance of recurrence, however, Jane, has proven that wrong.  Again, Clear Cell responds differently than other types of OvCa.

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