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Stage 1c ovarian cancer

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this, and the last 7 days of my life has been the worst. My mom went for surgery to have some cysts removed when they discovered she has ovarian cancer. She has not been officially staged yet but the doctor says he believes its probably stage 1C. they already took out both ovaries and uterous, but she will have to have another surgery.

My question is what are her chances of fully beating this? She is only 48 years old and in great health otherwise, she is ready to fight.

I keep reading this "5 year survial rate" being over 90% in stage 1. What does this mean? Does it mean she will only live 5 years or what? It's freaking me out.

Anyone else diagosted at this stage that can share with me their story? I just want to talk to someone who has gone through this. I feel like I am the only one....

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Cheryl - Stage 1C has an excellent survival rate, even after 5 years.  The best way to beat this disease is early diagnosis.  

Being Stage 1C she most likely will require chemo.  There are many others that will come along and tell you what it is like to go thru it...the important thing to know is that it is doable.

There are a few women on this forum that have been scheduled with 1C....they will come along and share their stories.

Has your mother been referred to a GYN/ONC?  

This diagnosis is so hard on everyone in the family.....please know if you need help and/or have questions, we will help you and your mother get thru this.....encourage her to join us when she is up to it....she can gain a lot from this group.

Best of luck to all of you....please keep us posted.

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Pam is right; Stage 1C has an excellent survival rate, even after 5 years.  I was dx 1C, 6 years ago.  I did recur last May, had surgery and more chemo, followeed by a years' mainteance, and am feeling wonderful!  More than likely your mom will require chemo.  This is a scary thing to have to face, but she CAN do it and get through it.  I hope your mom is being treated by a GYN/ONC. They are the ones who are the masters in this particular type of cancer  They do the surgey, debulking, staging, etc., and will set up a plan of action for her.  It's okay to freak out, as you say; but your mom will need you in the months ahead.  Stay positive and supportive.  I always felt very secure with my health team. This is important for your mom's sense of security.  Go to her appointments with her, help in any way you can; and you will all get through this, I promise.  There are so many courageous ladies on this forum. Everything is relative; Stage 1, stage 2, etc. Unfortunately, it is was it is....OVCA, and it stinks.  But your mom is blessed to have caught it early where it IS treatable and beatable.  Hang in there; and please know that you can drop by to ask questions, vent, or just listen to the rest of us share our stories.  There is strength in numbers, and we're here for you.  God Bless, Judie :)
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What about stage 3c mmmt? Do I go by every thing I have read? Even with chemo the stats are saying 8 to 13 months. I know what you mean I feel like I am going thru it right along with my Mom.
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Oh my god what stats have said 8 - 13 months
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I have stage 4.. when diagnosed in April I looked at the stats and was sickened... but I have a very wise oncologist and she told me "Ronni you are not a statistic you are a human being... and no one can tell you how long ".  I have lived by that since then... I have had 6 rounds of chemo, another surgery for debulking.... and I try to have a good attitude... You can't go by reading on the internet.  Each case is so different.  I am now 5 weeks past the last surgery, planning on going to the states to see my kids in Dec. and planning on going to Europe in April... You need to live again each day....
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Ronni, I really like that attitude. Since being diagnosed stage 4 I have looked at the stats over an over. They can be so overwhelming.  Everything you have planned is just so positive. I hope that your trips are absolutely wonderful. Kimberly
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Need to tell you my oncologist has 2 patients that are 7 and 8 years  out and still okay with stage 4.  Yes they have needed more chemo but....... again do not allow yourself to think of you as a statistic... You my dear are Kimberly...not 13% or 22%.. never forget... and when you are feeling down do what I do... I set my timer for 15 minutes and indulge in my private pity party.. timer buzzes parties over....
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Hello Cheryl.....I was diagnosed IC in April of 2005.....I went through the usual doses of six treatments with carbo and taxol.....it wasn't fun but it was definately doable because it was necessary.  Once your mom gets started there will be lots and lots of information and helpful hints offered up.  Right now you and your mom and family are in shock.  It is imperative your mom has a gyn/oncologist perform her surgery.  Don't let anyone tell you her gyn is good enough.....not true.  All you can do right now is take a deep breath and get ready to support your mom....you have to take care of yourself too.  When I was going through chemo and during the first days of diagnosis I convinced myself I was a warrior fighting this beast and I'd be damned if I was going to loose the battle.  When my hair came out I wasn't happy but it didn't take long before I appreciated baldness (I actually sort of miss the ease of "washing my hair")......right now I am sitting here with those stupid rollers again!  What your mom needs to do is focus on herself right now....she needs to be ready both physically and mentally......that's not to say she isn't allowed to be scared and sad at times....you too for that matter......she needs to hold her head up and bull doze ahead.....we will all be here for you guys.....give your mom my best.....oh yeah.....I am now two years out from my last chemo.....I was 55 when diagnosed.
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This is a really scary time and I agree with the ladies that emphasize having a GYNONC.  I am stage 3c and am holding my own.  You can and you will get through this. vegas2cr has a great idea with the buzzer.  Cry, scream, be confused, than hold your head up and march forward. Your mother is very lucky to have such a loving daughter by her side during this, but don't forget to take care of yourself.  My other standard advice is LOTS OF FUNNY MOVIES!!!  Make it a point to look up daily jokes on the internet or amusing stories about stupid criminals etc.  I promise you will find this a useful tool down the road.  We are here for you.
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