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Stage IIa Ovarian clear cell carcinoma,Post operative CT scan showed no evidence

My Mother underwent total hysterectomy,salpingo ovariotomy along with partial omentectomy for a huge left ovarian Cyst.Later on Biopsy report revealed that Bilateral infiltrating CLEAR CELL carcinomas of the ovaries.Cervix shows metastatic deposits.There were no evidence of malignancy in her Uterus and Omentum.

CT scan report revealed there is no trace of visible leisons after 14 days of surgery. CA-125 came back to 36 from 46.9 after 14 days of surgery.
She is currently receiving chemotherapy with TAXOL(260)followed by CISPLATIN(100mg).
Could you kindly let us know the chances of responses(loger survival) of the clear cells to the chemotherapy as I have heard clear cell becomes chemo resistant from stageIII.
What should be the post chemotherapy treatments we should emphasize on.
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I am sorry I do not know alot about this type of OC. What I am trying to do post chemo is eat right, daily Vitamin, and excercise, even if it is to the end of the yard and back. I have always asked my Drs what I should do post chemo and basically they tell me to go out and live, really no special advice? Could this be wrong? We do know our bodies better than anyone and I have learned to listen to mine better now. I too would appreciate any good post chemo plan. Good luck. Kathy
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My mother reached remission after dx stage 3b clear cell after 6 cycles of taxol & carbo and it's been about a year since she completed chemo and she's still in remission based on her Ca125 staying put at 5 and clear CT.  Based on her experience, I know the possibility of response and remission exists even in advanced stages of ovac.  It can be discouraging when you look at statistics...when I first read up on the prognosis for patients with clear cell histology I was worried that my mother's cancer would be resistant to the chemo but she has done very well so far.  Good luck with everything!
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My Mom too just finished her 6 treatments for ovca 3c.  We have made an appointment to see a nutritionist so that she can obtain a good healthy eating lifestyle that suits her medical condition.  I also know that green vegies are most important to eat at about 2/3 of your meals.  I've heard of others looking into alternative medicine post chemo to maintain remission.
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I was wondering if your Insurance pays for a Nutritonist?
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Thanks Ack for your postings. Indeed I gained confidence.Though I know ultimately luck factor is vital.My mom still now is receiving the regimes with not so much diffculties but taking any kinds of foods including water. This is remaining for 4-5 days. I am giving her raw protein and Soy which seems to be improving her health.
Her Blood parameters as well as plateletcounts were as normal as any sound health human being.
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