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Stage IV back again

My mom had surgery immediately following her diagnosis last December and Chemo seemed to dramatically change her numbers and got "rid of" the cancer that was left.  She has done great for a year with her numbers below 9 until three weeks ago.  They had slipped back up to 20 and the Dr. told her they would wait until they were up past 60 before they began chemo again.  Today she said she went in to find her numbers were at 30 and the Dr. felt something in the routine exam....she is scheduled for chemo beginning on Thursday.  Please tell me what to expect from here...I am so afraid for her and need somebody to tell me they have done this and she will be okay....
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Hey there, kiddo.  I can certainly understand your needing to be reassured that your mom will be okay.  Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that.....she will have to fight this again.  For some women ovarian cancer is a chronic disease and it has to be dealt with on an on going basis.  There are several women who visit this site who are doing just that.....hopefully one of them will pop by soon and offer you some advice.  I am so sorry your mom is having to go through this again.....you too.  
I hope you are able to celebrate Christmas with lots of love and laughter and that 2009 is filled with lots of good health!
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I'm sorry you Mother is having to go through this again and so soon. And as Dian said, no one can guarantee what the long term outcome will be. With OvCa we can all be dx with the same stage and have the same chemo but we can also have very varied results and outcome.

But, the recurrence was found early and you Mother is being treated quickly. That is good, very good and should help a great deal.

On a positive note, I have had much higher rises in my CA125 in a very short period of time, ten + times higher than your Mothers. That was 10 months ago, I'm still on chemo (a different one) and my numbers have been dropping. So, keep the faith, good things do happen!!

All the very best to you and your Mother.... Regards Janet  
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This is what suxs about this disease is no one can extimate what the future holds when it comes to this disease. I'm currently on my 3rd recurrence,so I treat it as a chronic disease.  The first 2 recurrences were very easy on me and at times I forgot I was even having chemo,so my QOL was good.  This 3rd time is a different story and is much harder on me,so who knows how each chemo will work or how she will respond. You are catching this very early in the game and this is good news. The 2nd line chemos are much easier in my opinion. At this point it is quality of life that matters.  Hopewfully she'ss finish this chemo rounds and stay in remission longer.  I pray all goes well~~~Joanne
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Thank you for the encouraging words - I'll pass them on....She had such hope that she would beat this the first time around - we didn't tell her that they said it would come back since it was stage IV.  We thought she would have a longer time in between.  The chemo didn't affect her too bad the first time around - so we're hoping for the same - and you are right - quality of life is important and at least if the chemo is not too bad you can live a somewhat "normal" life.  The doctor said it's always a shorter time in between - in that true?
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