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Supplements and diet

I read some other postings and realized my doctor didn't mention anything about this stuff after my 6th treatment. I've never been a great eater. My sweet tooth gets the best of me way too much. Is there anything I should eat more/less of. I know how important diet will be for my future so any advice will be taken to heart.
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Thanks! I've always struggled with weight, diet and exercise. The only time I did well was when I did the South Beach Diet and my husband and I were lifting weights and walking a lot. Then I had 2 nine pound babies in 2 years plus my large complex cyst and I am right back where I started. Ugh. Now with the kids and chemo who has time or energy to exercise. I eat for all the wrong reasons. Now that the girls are toddlers it's been a little easier trying to be active (you'd think 2 toddlers would be enough) but diet still stumps me. I read some stuff that links animal fats (meat & dairy?) to OC...so trying South Beach again scares me. I lost 22 lbs from my surgery and I think I've gained almost all of it back. It terrifies me that something is wrong or is it all the cr*p I eat! I am thinking of checking out a nutritionist who works with after cancer/chemo patients. I hope my insurance covers it is all. AAAHHH! Good luck to you too!
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I'd recommend reading "Beating Cancer with Nutrition".  It's written by Patrick Quillin who was the director of nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Rachael
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I was fortunate I started exercising an losing weight 2 years before I was diagnosed.  My husband and I did the 10,000 steps a day and walked 5 miles a day.  We also lifted weights.  When I was diagnosed, I was in great physical shape and had enough of a habit and determination to stay that way.  I needed 3 neublasta shots post op, had some blood loss.  I managed to stay in the gym 5 days a week, not as fast as I was, nor were the weights the same, but I was there.  Chemo weeks, I had carbo and taxol, I was not in great shape 3 days after but I would still try to do something.

I don't know if it makes a difference, I tend to eat south beach - low carb - more natural foods and exercise.  There are studies that show that exercise improves chances for people with some cancers, not OC yet.  I guess what I am hoping is that by staying healthy and working out, I can buy some time with this damn disease.  
The exercise time for me is easy, I work, have no children and am 62.   I know how hard it is to do it when you feel terrible and have been kicked by chemo, but I think that hour I spent made me feel better, physiologically.  Best wishes to you all.
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I was going to Curves BEFORE I was diagnosed the first time, and literally sailed through the chemo treatments.  I say "sailed" through, because this time (even though I am almost 5 years older - 62 :) I am extremely fatigued and just don't always have that get-up-and-go that I had last time.  I really credited my good physical condition at the time to my work outs at Curves.  They weren't real physical, but definitely did the job to keep me in shape.  I didn't even lose that much weight, just felt "fit".  I try to eat properly, but that isn't always easy when on chemo and the urge to eat isn't always there.  Sometimes if my body is craving chocolate and that's all I can handle, then a Hershey bar it is; even though I know a portion of broccoli would be better for my health.  I don't know if all Curve programs have this, but in our area (Connecticut) some of the Curves are offering special programs for people undergoing chemo, or who are survivors from the ordeal.  It is a challenge, but we have to stay on top of things so that we can reach a positive result.  Good luck to you, and I think it's great that you agreed to speak with the medical students.  I talked with a nurse (yes, a nurse), who was with her Mom who was having a chemo treatment the same time as me the other day, and when I told her about my OVCA, she was CLUELESS as to what it was all about......go figure!  I'm just glad she didn't tell me she worked in oncology (haha)  Stay well; you are in my prayers.
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Since I am a firm believer in the natural products for every day health, I have been looking for a good reader.  I found this one yesterday, it is a free, printable ebook, 86 pages long.  There are many good ideas in there, some we have already tried. Since my daughter has already had the surgery and the chemo, all we are looking for now are the preventives for futher occurences.  Of course none of these are approved by the FDA, but we all know why.  I know that many "so-called" natural remedies are touted to sell the products.  Many of these stategies have been proven in medical tests though, so we are trying them. the email addy is  http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com  
As a Nurse I would never recommend any thing to any one that I thought would harm them.  I printed it all out and did some bed time reading last night. Highlighted the ones we have already been using , and then talked with daughter about any further ways we can introduce them into her diet. Especially liked the flax seed oil and cottage cheese. The areated water/chlorine free sounds feasible. Lowering the acidity of the body. We are not going to spend a fortune ordering these things but will do it naturally by diet and environment control. As is stated in the text, one supplement that is good is better than none.
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I too am a Nurse, retired that is, but you are right , the medical community knows very little about any kind of cancer. Unless you are trained in that field through a specility service.  Ask me about birthing and I can lay on the details, I was a delivery nurse. What I have learned the past 6 months has been my own research and from you gals. That is why we need to talk to them every chance we get, it is for the future women with OVCA.
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