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OK- So I need someone to answer a couple questions for me. My Doctor did not tell me what kind of surgery I will be having.. However I think is between two...right?  I'd like to know what I'm in store for. I remember her saying saying that it should be one small incision and then one bigger one.. She said depending on how it is.. It might also have to be an open one?? ( i have no idea what this means) She said that we can scedule the surgery as an ASAP- because they are getting bigger and I am in a lot of pain. Does anyone know what that term means? .. Open? I also remember her saying that she has to fill me up with some kind of gas and then she will have to squeeze my body and she release most of it.. To give backround- she will be removing two cysts.. One went from being like 2.0 x 1.9 cm to 5.9 x 2.9 and ther went from 3.3 x 1.9 and stayed the same. but formed what my dr said is a pocket of blood but its stable. She wants to remove both. Does it require me to stay overnight?

If anyone has any adivce. please letme know thanks
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It makes me angry when someone leaves a physician's office scheduled for surgery and does not understand what they are going to do to them.  You have 2 cysts one which has gotten larger and the other is the same size, but has changed in apperarance.  The recommendation because of increasing size is surgery.  They are probable going to start with a laprascopic removal of the cysts, which involves 4 small incisions, and yes they do fill your abdomen with gas.   The gas fills up the abdomen and lets them get to the organs they want, without damaging the others.  They will take a biopsy of both cysts and send them for pathology.  If the pathology comes back, cancer then you would need to have a larger incision to determine what is known as the stage of the cancer.  This is a number of biopsies of tissue taken from throughout your abdomen.  Also if there was a problem removing the cyst with a scope they would make a smaller incision, from your bikini line to just below the belly button.  if it was cancer the incision would be from the bikini line to just below the ribs.  If you have the laprascopic procedure, it is usually a 23 hour or less admission to the hospital.  Hope this helps you, if you need to need more don't hesitate to ask.
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Hello....rmarie got most of the details in her post.....I had the big incision....it ran vertically from just above my pubic bone to just under my navel.  I was 55 when I had the surgery and I hate hospitals so I began walking the night of my surgery, had a bowel movement and shower the morning after my susrgery and went home the evening of the day after surgery......most people don't do that, but like I said , I hate hospitals.  I recovered just fine in the same couple of weeks it takes us all.  
Now....one thing rmarie didn't say.....YOU HAVE ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME...... your surgeon must be a gyn/oncologist.....not because you have cancer, but, because if it is found that is the person most qualified to be performing the procedure.  Don't take a chance on needing another surgery or on your surgeon not doing the best job of "debulking" (removing any questionable tissue or getting the staging done properly)......you are a mom....your child deserves to have you around for a long time......you deserve to be around for a long time.....give yourself the best odds just in case you need them......get yourself to see a gyn/oncologist.
Please do stay in touch and Haappy Thanksgiving!
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Thank you. So I should find a gyn/oncologist in my area?  She said if my ca 125 levels are higher ( which i just had the test done the other day ) then she would have an oncologist in there with us.. Does that make sense?
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CA125 values are not an indicator of cancer they are used to monitor treatment of ovarian cancer.  That's why it's not a test for ovarian cancer.  You should have a referral to discuss your situation with a specialist.  The type of specialist you need to see is a gyn-onc as the others above have mentioned.  Please do this before you are scheduled for surgery and as soon as possible.  Make sure you have a gyn/onc not just an oncologist too.  It's your life, fight for the best care...for you and for your family.
Take care and let us know how you make out.
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Ditto to having a onc/gyn perform your surgery!!!! It is so important!!! Good luck. Deandra
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if you have the time read about the assay blood test they are doing in trials now, it proves the point about having an Gyn/Ono there.  It is posted under good news
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