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Symptoms of ovarian cancer

I wanted to know what are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer? I am currently experiencing back muscle spasms and weakness in legs since 2 months now. Can someone help me if these are the early symptoms of it?
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That's the thing. Symptoms of early ovarian cancer are SO subtle and are often things we experience for other reasons.  Some women have GI difficulty, a bit of middle girth gain, bloating, nausea, loss of appetite.  But truthfully, a lot of women have few if any symptoms early on.  It's normally diagnosed in later stages because of this and even then symptoms are very subtle and vague.  Why are you associating ovarian cancer with your symptoms?
Thanks a lot for replying. I have been experiencing this lower back muscular pains and muscle pain in legs and feet since like 2-3 months now. Also I have skipped my cycle this month. Also I was diagnosed with hamaerrhagic cyst 2 months back which got resolved on its own. Thats the reason.
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I also have low back pain for months, along with feet an legs swelling, indigestion...common everyday stuff, right? Had a CT  scan and a an ovarian  cystic mass was discovered. Ultrasound confirmed a complex separated mass. CA125  was normal. GYN recommendation is  total hysterectomy. I am  67. Whatever your symptoms, please be persistent and get the. Checked out.
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